Mon, Feb. 24

1899 ATROCIOUS MURDERS: Prisoner Ketchum is visited by Sheriff John Munds.

Yavapai Posse Returning and Sheriff Munds Returns.

"Sheriff Munds arrived yesterday, coming from Santa Fe, New Mexico, whither he went to personally interview Ketchum, the supposed Camp Verde murderer. He states that on entering the cell of Ketchum he found the latter very communicative on general subjects, but when the Arizona murder was mentioned Ketchum appeared entirely ignorant of the deed, stating however, that he would make a general confession of his criminal life previous to his death, which is expected to follow from blood poisoning from gun shot wounds."

"Ketchum also informed Sheriff Munds that he knew of him, and this is borne out by the familiar manner in which Ketchum acted when the sheriff entered the cell, the prisoner stating that he would never have met Munds had he not been "winged" in his flight."

"Various propositions were made by Sheriff Munds for the transfer of Ketchum to Yavapai, but all were rejected owing to reasons of other rewards being offered for him and also to the fact that the prisoner was slowly dying."

"It seems that Ketchum came to Mohave county last winter and resided there with his brother-in-law, a man named Duncan. The latter is now at Santa Fe to see Ketchum. In April last Ketchum passed through Prescott and in May robbed a store at Frisco, New Mexico. It is the belief that he then retraced his steps to Arizona and the July tragedy at Camp Verde followed. Sheriff Munds says that he has trailed Ketchum from Camp Verde to New Mexico by a clear chain of circumstances that connects Ketchum unquestionably as the murderer of Rogers and Wingfield. The Yavapai posse is at present in New Meico and will return overland, and the search abandoned."

(Arizona Weekly Journal-Miner; Prescott; September 6, 1899; page 1.)

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