Sat, Dec. 07


... there are eight tiny blips on the top of Humphreys Peak. They are the people who chose to climb the trail to the top of the highest peak in Arizona at 12,633 feet above sea level and a vertical rise of more than a mile from the surrounding land. It was also a beautiful day to fly up there and capture the beauty of the mountain and surrounding area; on the right side of the photo and just above the ridge line you can see Sunset Crater as well as numerous other volcanic craters that populate this entire area. There are about 490 of these volcanic cones up here. Beyond the volcanic field lies the Little Colorado and Grand Falls and the painted desert. I also got close up shots of the hikers, but because I am shooting with a fixed focal length lens for my aerial work now, I had to back off a ways from the mountain to capture this NW facing slope of the mountain. The flight was beautiful; power on, going up and after I finished shooting the peaks the engine was turned off and a nice soaring flight back to Sedona ... just porpoised all the way back to Sedona. The engine was turned back on after landing when I ran out of inertia before turning off the runway to taxi back to the tie down area. FUN!!!

Hope you had a great weekend and now it is time for some rest before I get on with the new week. Enjoy the day and those around you ... it really is a nice planet we live on.



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