Thu, April 09

Letter: The attention span of voters is miniscule


For the past several months, it has become common to see and hear references to Romney with Bain Capital somehow acquiring companies just to break them for a profit. Does that make sense to anyone? No one other than a professional propaganda minister would expect rational people to believe that kind of distorted diatribe; but if they can present it loud enough and long enough, a large portion of the uninformed and unfortunately voting public will believe it, and act accordingly.

The attention span and actual time thinking about our election process is miniscule; for a large percentage of voters and that increases the difficulty for informed voters to get any honest representation in the current system; and the worst part is the only way I know of to get their attention is through education and that is ultra-difficult when the media and education systems are skewed so overwhelmingly in favor of those spreading the distortions.

Then comes some of the Democratic National Convention Speakers, look at a sample from two of them:

1) Sandra Fluke made reference to Romney not being critical of someone that had made a derogatory comment about her and her claim that a female student’s cost for birth control could be $3,000 a year. I do believe I have a pretty good vocabulary, and as I see it the English language is limited on simple terms to describe or reference a promiscuous student in that category; but Rush apologized anyway. I remember well how stately and eloquently candidate Obama called for civility and kindness about the treatment in the media and the entertainment industry about the way they tried to disgrace Sarah Palin, her teenage daughters and her special needs son. Yes, candidate Obama even laughed and joked about it. Now President Obama has used that same say-and-do-nothing stance in regard to the treatment of Mia Love, Michelle Bachman, Susana Martinez, and others, who have all been vilified much more and worse than Ms Fluke. Obama’s call for civility and kindness was in his demonizing the Second Amendment.

2) Bill Clinton’s classy treatment of women is legendary, especially in Arkansas; his financial methods are, also. Remember the 1992 election Clinton’s mantra “The Worst Economy in 50 Years” and if he didn’t get his economic stimulus in place the entire nation was doomed? After his election, not one iota of his stimulus was enacted into law. It was so flawed even the Democrats would not vote for it and his first budget was a disaster that fell on its face even with a new way of accounting for national unemployment they could not make things look good, then came the 1994 election that with the “Contract for America” brought in a Republican House with Newt Gingrich as Speaker and Clinton to his credit was smart enough to drop all his previous claims and cooperated with Newt and crew. In the next two years they had changed things back toward the Reagan plan. The country flourished and Clinton got all the credit. Now he is claiming to be some kind of fiscal wonderworker and moral authority, even though he was impeached by the US House of Representatives and disbarred as an attorney by the State of Arkansas. The cowards in the U.S. Senate did not remove him from office.

Recently, the problem of collusion appears to have raised its extremely ugly head in the area of complicity between the executive, legislative and judicial branches of our federal government: It is to the point, that my curiosity causes me to wonder what price or threat does the “George Soros/Harry Reid/Barack Obama Administration Consortium” use to buy judicial decisions.

Can it be stopped; even with a new president and new attorney general? I don’t know; this could all be nothing more than speculation on my part, but I don’t think so.

Dale Gohr


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