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Feathered friends a delight at Feathers & Fur

It took a Village to save beautiful, healthy T.J.  Come meet him at Feathers & Fur in Castle Rock Plaza.

It took a Village to save beautiful, healthy T.J.  Come meet him at Feathers & Fur in Castle Rock Plaza.

If you have the teeniest interest in the wonderful world of birds, you will be overwhelmed at the Village’s most delightful new shop, Feathers & Fur.

You’ve just got to stop by to meet the extraordinary residents, all in one stage or another of growing their feathers and being raised by the gentle hand of owner Roxanne Genaro.

You’ll first meet the adorable bundle of baby Parrotlets happily cuddling together in a warmed box on the counter.

Roxanne describes them as the smallest parrot in the world, about 3-inches full grown, but with the biggest personalities. Their soon-to-be beautiful little feathers are sprouting in every color of the rainbow.

They are joined by two baby Quaker Parrots, which will grow to be about 12 inches and are named for their quaking or shaking movements when they eat.

Then there is magnificent T.J., a very big beautiful fellow who likes his head scratched and has a most remarkable story.

This handsome 2-month old Blue and Gold Macaw is alive and very much thriving due to the loving help of many Village friends and neighbors.

Indeed, Roxanne says, it took a Village to save T.J., who as a baby was diagnosed with Constricted Toe Syndrome, which should have required amputation of his feet. But Village Veterinarian, Dr. Chris Bertch-Mumaw, one of only two Avian Vets in the area, performed two successful surgeries to save them.

Next came extensive Massage Therapy and Energy Healing by Tim and Jan Nakayama, followed by a vigil of many caring supporters in the community…restoring the very lucky bird back to good health. T. J., by the way, is named for Tim and Jan, and possesses the gentle personality of a fellow who knows he is loved.

Roxanne discovered the love of birds through her son, who as a young boy would bring little feathered orphans home to be saved. What could she do, but learn how to do it, and it became her passion. She has since dedicated her life to them in his honor.

Moving to the Village, she eventually set up her little bird family at the pet store at the outlets, quickly establishing a wide fan base of animal lovers of all kinds, who would just stop by to visit the “kids”. When that shop recently closed, she says, her supporters strongly encouraged her to open her own small business…and now, happily, we have Feathers & Fur.

Located just across the parking lot from Desert Flour Bakery at Suite 219 in Castle Rock Plaza, it’s easy to stop by with latte in hand. I actually witnessed the exciting first flight of a young Red-eyed Lutino on my last visit!

In addition to the Companion Birds and all their accoutrement, Roxanne stocks a wide selection of supplies for Village pets of every kind: healthy human-grade food, toys, equipment, etc…and next to nothing is made in China, she says. The back half of the store is a busy grooming salon, completing the happy ambience of the shop, with lots of friendly comings and goings.

The Grand Opening of Feathers & Fur is being held throughout October, with free merchandise for the lucky winner of the Pet Costume Competition. Just bring your pet in costume, whatever he or she may be, to be photographed.

All photos will be displayed for judging by the public, the winner to be announced at the end of the month after the votes are tallied.

Roxanne’s babies will, of course, all need good homes. She says that every bird fits a type of person. Cockateels, for example, are sweet, they don’t like to fight, but like to just hang out with you.

Conures are considered good apartment birds, as they are quiet…but they do have fun with entertaining dog tricks like rolling over and playing with a ball.

Whatever their personalities, all Companion Birds require nurturing and socialization from their companions, very much like children do. Bonding with their owners, they indeed, can provide many years of devoted pleasure.

Roxanne will be happy to answer any questions you might have, so do stop by to meet her and her gang or call (928) 592-8860.

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