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1917: COTTONWOOD GROWTH; 30 to 35 Businesses by July.

"ACTIVITY AT COTTONWOOD: The motorist passing through Cottonwood cannot help but be impressed with the large amount of building which is being done. This little village can boast of three new garages and many new residences, and the very atmosphere seems to be full of the bustle and energy of those mining camps that grew up over night. Take a trip down there and you will enjoy every bit of it; the new road to the new townsite is getting in excellent shape for the motorist." (The Jerome News; March 2, 1917; page 7.)


"Cottonwood today stands as an eloquent example of what men and means can do when proper energy is employed in the right direction. Where formerly but a postoffice, one store and several substantial brick ranch houses and outbuildings went to make up the little hamlet of Cottonwood, there are today between 30 and 35 places of business catering to the needs of several hundred workmen, transient visitors, prospectors, investors and those ever-watchful persons from neighboring towns who daily motor here to note every step of progress made in the town."

"That Cottonwood has, and is yet attracting merited attention is evidenced by the great number of traveling men visiting the local merchants daily and the auto parties motoring here from all points. All predict a bright and prosperous future for this hustling and important community."

"From time to time, the needs of Cottonwood will be mentioned in this department of the News, but at present the most urgent needs are a bakery, laundry, resident physician, drug store and bank. Any and all of these would make money from the start."

"Cottonwood is an 'open town,' as they are termed in Arizona. Any person proposing to conduct a legitimate business enterprise will experience no difficulty in securing a location to build. There are plenty of business and residence lots unsold."

"Cottonwood has artesian water in abundance. Shortly a large storage tank will be erected upon a high point overlooking the town, which assures not only plenty of water for domestic purposes but sufficient pressure for adequate fire protection. Workmen are at present ditching for a five inch water main in the business center. Two inch pipes will also be laid on all streets, to be tapped for domestic purposes."

"Electricians are at work on the interior wiring of various business houses; the "juice" is now at hand, and when Cottonwood will be served with electricity is up to the Arizona Power company."

"Cottonwood is not of the 'mushroom' class of mining towns. Its business houses are substantial and some of the less imposing are to be replaced by concrete structures later on."

"The future of Cottonwood is assured, and the doubts of even the most skeptical are dispelled when they view the preparations now being made at 'Smelter town' half a mile distant, and at other points in close proximity for the expenditure of millions of dollars in smelter erection, railroad construction and grading of property for townsites."

"In order to give readers of the Verde Copper News not only in the Verde district but throughout the entire country an idea of the phenomenal growth of Cottonwood in less than four months time, the following list of the town's business personnel is published:"

"Kovacovich Mercantile Co." [exists on corner of Main and Cactus]; "Soft drinks - E. C. 'Blackie' Sanders; Mason's Pioneer Store, Cottonwood Postoffice - Alonzo Mason; Blacksmith Shop - A. McRae; Cottonwood Garage - P. V. D. Neff; Tire Shop - Manley & Bonnett; McConnell Lumber Co. - R. O. Richards, Mgr.; Shoe Shop - Wm. Braley; Shoe Shop - E. Price; International Garage - Thompson & McDonald; Pool Hall and Barber Shop - Contreras & Galindo" [exists on Cactus]; "Pool Hall News Stand - A. S. Norris; Cleaning & Pressing - V. L. Coffelt; Rooming House - Mrs. Charles Stemmer; Confectionery and Soft Drinks - J. W. Parry; Supply Co. - Armstrong Bros.; Pool Hall and Cigar Store - George Reed; Dry Goods and Furnishings - M. Farrage; Main Street Restaurant; News Stand and Confectionery - A. Lysons; Owl Restaurant - Morse & Morse; Tucker's Chili Stand & Restaurant - F. H. Goodwin; Novelty Shop - Amiel Williams; The Cottonwood Pavilion; Cold Storage and General Merchandise - McGimsey Bros.; O. K. Hotel - M. Beber" [Cottonwood Hotel on Main and Pinal]; "Hotel Barber Shop - C. Groves; Commercial Photographer - D. T. Mallonee; Soft Drinks - J. J. Hemler; Lunch Room - A. McIntyre; Sanitary Barber - H. I. Gillette; Cottonwood Restaurant - B. B. Williams."

(Verde Copper News; Jerome; July 26, 1917; page 4.)

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