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1917: U. V. X. SMELTER CONSTRUCTION: Through July, 1917.

"GRADING FOR U. V. EX. SMELTER: Grading for the new smelter ... has already been started on Hopkins ranch. The directors on December 29th, appropriated $2,500,000 for the erection of a smelter and for the building of six miles of track from the mine to the smelter site, and to the terminus of the Cedar Glade-Clarkdale branch of the S.F.P.&P." (Weekly Journal-Miner; Prescott; January 17, 1917; page 5.)

"CONTRACT IS LET FOR GRADING R. R. TO NEW SMELTER: Fleming & Stitzer, Successful Bidders, Already Making Dirt Fly. ... Following his arrival, Mr. Douglas let a contract for the grading of a standard-gauge railroad from the Verde Valley line's terminal, at Clarkdale, to the site of the Extension smelter, a little over four miles south. ... Fleming & Stitzer, the contractors, already have about twelve men and several teams at work. Three carloads of stock are coming in next week, after which work will be rushed forward with 75 teams and over 100 men on the job. A boarding house has been erected for the employees of the contractors." (The Jerome News; March 9, 1917.)

"BIG CONTRACTING: T. C. Snyder ... received a large contract from the United Verde Extension in wagon road building and for other construction work. The company is beginning to shape up for establishing a new town at their mine camp, and a large number of homes." ... (Weekly Journal-Miner; March 14, 1917; page 6.)

"GEORGE KINGDON," the new superintendent: "NEW SMELTER; When asked regarding programs at the site of the Extension smelter, the superintendent replied: 'We are doing practically nothing there now, and it will be 60 days before we try to do much. By that time we hope that the new railroad from Clarkdale will be completed. Just now we are prosecuting a thorough search of the district for gravel that can be used in concrete.'" ... (The Jerome News; April 6, 1917; page 1.)

"LOTS OF WORK NOW AT SMELTER PLANT OF U. V. EX. CO., Completion of Railroad to Site Makes Steel Available. Cottonwood, July 27. --- A great deal of activity is now being manifested at United Verde Extension Mining Co.'s camp near here, known to many as 'Smelter town,' but officially named Verde. There is not an idle man to be seen. ... Several hundred new men will be added to a payroll of almost 200 at present." (Verde Copper News; Jerome; July 27, 1917.)

"COMPLETION OF RAIL LAYING ON THE R. R., WORK ON VERDE SMELTER RUSHES. At the new ... camp, near Cottonwood, known throughout the district as 'Smeltertown,' ... a large force of workmen is engaged in the work of surfacing the main line and sidetracks. ... Excavation is complete for the entire smelter site, except the flue, which is about half finished. The magnitude of the smelter can be imagined more clearly when one realizes that 2,000,000 brick will be used in the construction of this flue. Excavation is also completed for the U. V. Extension brick yard located less than a mile from Cottonwood, where it is estimated that 4,000,000 brick will be burned. These brick will be used largely in the construction of company houses and other structures. ... As soon as the material arrives and is unloaded men in sufficient numbers to prosecute the work will be employed, and from present indications at least 300 to 400 workmen will be needed very shortly." (Verde Copper News; Jerome; July 30, 1917; page 5.)

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