Fri, Sept. 20

The problem

... with taking a short nap at midnight (actually a little later), is that you may not wake up when you want. So it was last Thursday evening and again last night and again this morning I awoke from my short nap around 4:30 AM and after finding myself wide awake I finally gave up, made some espresso (on my sixth shot) and here we go into another terrific week. I'm back in the air every chance I get and Saturday got a flight in early afternoon and headed N. The air was rocking and up on the plateau it was fabulous with thermals in excess of a thousand feet a minute. It made for some interesting shooting as my aerial tripod was as stable as an egg balancing on a pin during a magnitude 8 earthquake on the San Andreas Fault. I really enjoy flying in those conditions though, and engine or no engine you are going to get where you want to go ... provided you have a few skills in cross country soaring. It was one of those go anywhere days where you can just porpoise your way and not have to stop and thermal.

This is a shot from a few miles N of S-P Crater looking back S taking in the lava field which traces back to the volcanic cone from whence it originated. The San Francisco Peaks are on the horizon on the left and Kendrick Peak on the right; both still have a fair amount of now and spring has not yet arrived on the higher reaches of the Colorado Plateau. I didn't pay much attention to distance but seems like this was around 60 nautical miles N of Sedona, There are roads that will take you into this area but check to see about any restrictions before heading in there. The black lava field appears to rise a hundred or so feet from the surrounding area and of course all the bumps and mounds you see in the photo are also volcanic cones. Geologists do have a sense of humor and thus the name S-P crater that they used as an acronym on the maps for what they really call it. Smiles.

Have a terrific day and as for me? A little more espresso and the day continues ... enjoy the day, and although the view you see is divided up into all manner of claims and ownership, that is strictly a human thing ... the earth continues to tolerate our silliness and remains a unified whole belonging only to itself and changing as forces far greater than ours dictate.



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