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1875: VERDE ROAD; Stemmer's Ash Creek Station.

John Stemmer, born in Germany in 1838, enlisted in the United States Army in Philadelphia on July 31, 1867. He was sent to Camp Verde, where he was honorably discharged July 31, 1870. He went to Prescott and entered into business. "Mr. John Stemmer, proprietor of the Oriental bakery and restaurant, advertises a reduction in the price of board." (The Weekly Arizona Miner; Prescott; May 31, 1873; page 3.)

"Mr. and Mrs. Stemmer, a good and industrious couple, are about to remove from Prescott ... They will keep a station and minister to the wants of travelers." ... "Mr. Stemmer intends to add on more house to D. J. Marr's, ... and make of it a good, comfortable station, for the accommodation of travelers passing that way." (Arizona Weekly Miner; Prescott; April 3, 1874; page 3, columns 1, 2.)

"ASH CREEK STATION: Mr. Stemmer informs us that he will not be out done by anybody in keeping a public house, and that his prices shall be reasonable as the times and circumstances will warrant." (Arizona Weekly Miner; April 2, 1875; page 3, column 2.)

"ASH CREEK STATION, Agua Fria Valley, JOHN STEMMER, Proprietor."

"This Station is just half-way from Prescott to Verde and a most desirable place to stop. The Proprietor has had great experience as a caterer and offers superior inducements to travelers, teamsters and others: ---"

"A never failing stream of pure cold water, nice clean rooms and beds, a table supplied with the very best of everything. Liquors and cigars, first choice, and an inexhaustable supply of horse feed, are among the inducements he offers to those who choose to patronize him. JOHN STEMMER."

(Arizona Weekly Miner; Prescott; April 2, 1875; page 2.)

"The new road to Verde, we are informed, will take in Ash Creek Station, and several soldiers will begin in a few days to work on that portion between the Station and the Post." (Arizona Weekly Miner; Prescott; April 9, 1875; page 3, column 2.)

"Lieut Roundy has completed the Col. Mason road from Prescott to Verde. The mail now goes and comes that way, making two or three hours better time than by the old way." ... "John Stemmer, of Ash Creek Station, has a partner in the business named Rigetty. The firm name is Stemmer & Rigetty." (Arizona Weekly Miner; April 16, 1875; page 3, column 1.)

"A CORRESPONDENT from Ash Creek furnishes the following: Stemmer has lately had his house plastered. It now contains seven plastered and neatly furnished rooms, and the station is reprsented as a very attractive place for travelers. Mrs. Stemmer has general charge of the house and poultry yard, and is quite adept in the management of long-legged colts --- a joke perhaps on Mrs. S." (Arizona Weekly Miner; June 18, 1875; page 3.)

John and Kate Stemmer became the parents of 2 sons, who were 6 and 8 years old when Kate died of meningitis. At her request, the boys were sent to her relatives in Germany. John met Mary Ann Schlensker in Prescott, and they became the parents of Charles C. Stemmer, born on February 7, 1883. About 18 months later the station was sold and the family moved to Flagstaff.

Charles Stemmer moved to Cottonwood for the second time, in 1917, and was postmaster there from January 1, 1924 to February 28, 1953.

Ash Creek Station was owned and operated by A. J. Hudson and his family. The inn continued to be known for serving good food. In August of 1898, a wall of water 15 feet high swept down the creek destroying most of the station and buildings. The 2 large circular stone walled corrals still exist. The site is north of State Highway 169 east of Dewey, on trail #64.

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