Fri, July 19

A little life

... a little caring and a hummer returned to his realm. After I zipped back into the garage on my scooter yesterday a hummer must have followed me in. After taking off my helmet I heard a commotion in one of the skylights and curious to see what it was I looked up and there was a hummer trying to find a way out. I had a camera close by and took some photos of him up there whilst trying to figure out how I could assist him in getting out. About that time he spiraled down and ended up on his back on the ledge of one of my toolboxes. He looked quite gone! I picked him up gently and went outside and placed him on a post so he could recover, but he immediately zipped down an affixed himself to my shoe. Not much I could do for him like that so I took my shoe off, went back in the house and mixed up a little sugar and water and went back outside and began offering him the nectar on my fingers and he began to take it off and drink. After about fifteen minutes he was doing better and when I glanced over at a friend who had joined me, he took off. So here is one of the photos I took of the little guy whilst he was firmly attached to my shoe; I took many and am so glad that he survived as now I can use some pretty amazing shots of him; else they would all have been deleted.

The average hummer weighs in between two and six grams; for purposes of the USPS you could mail on average anywhere from five to twelve of these little ones for a first class stamp ... and this tiny life form provides hours of enjoyment for so many people as they feed at hummingbird feeders or in our case pick off insects and take the nectar from flowers.

The week is off to a very good start for this little one and I hope for you too. It is good to make a difference, even in such a little life as this. Be well and share the joy that is within you.



PS, starting later this morning I'm making a concerted effort to catch up on responding to your emails - I am 400 plus in arrears - sorry

Hold high your head and be an honest man.

May kindness guide your daily steps, and in each deed and thought

Let Christ's sweet soul always reflect itself

And love your fellow men as I love you.

Max Ehrmann

"Breaking Home Ties"