Tue, June 25

The old days

... when I was telling a friend that I was going to take up shooting with film again he challenged me to get shots of birds in flight using manual focus. Since it was my intent to buy a Kodak Baby Brownie which was my first camera, that was a given; not even sure that it has an adjustment for focus. They quit making film for that camera a long time ago, ditto a couple of the others I own. Anyhow the Mamiya is manual focus as is one of my Nikon 35mm bodies.

I didn't have to wait to get one of those out in the field as due to a rather unfortunate incident this afternoon my 70-200 lens became a manual only focus after my foot got caught under a log and the earth and I had an unexpected meeting and the lens met a very hard object; a rock I think. No broken glass or visible sign of damage, but I suddenly had a manual focus camera. What better time to see if I could meet the challenge ... and I did. Caught this Red Wing Blackbird as he was cruising low over a duck at the Sedona Wetlands off 89A. Perhaps not my finest image, but it is a good shot of a small fast mover caught with pure manual focus and hand held. Did we wager anything Guy? I have several more :+) Next I'll do it with film and a heck of a lot lighter camera and lens.

At any rate the lens is safely packed in bubble wrap and back to Canon for repairs later this morning. Ouch!

Have a terrific day ... we're into the weekend so this is it for the week. Back Monday morning. Have fun and share a few laughs ...



So each one to his wish, and as for me,

I sit tonight and wait

To find the answers to my soul in me,

And in the beauty of the sky and sea.

Max Ehrmann