Sat, Oct. 19

1930: CLEMENCEAU; 3000 Attend Air Pageant, April 22.

"3000 ATTEND CLEMENCEAU AIR PAGEANT: The Verde District is Definitely Established as an Aerial Center --- Possibly Passenger Service to Phoenix May Be Established."

"Manuel Morenos and Cecil Sherwin, Phoenix air pilots, and Manuel Guiterrez, Jerome man, furnished thrills for about 3000 persons at the Clemenceau airport on Sunday. Perhaps the best thrills of the afternoon were parachute jumps made by Percy Miller, a one-legged veteran who saw service with the 36th division. Marcus A. Rawlins, president of the Clemenceau airport organization, saw on Sunday the verification of his faith in the future of flying in this district."

"Guiterrez flew his Eagle Rock plane home on Saturday. At 10:31 on Sunday morning a little dot appeared over the hills to the south and about 10:40 Pilot Sherwin floated down to a perfect landing on the e-w runway. Morenos came up Saturday with Guiterrez."

"Guiterrez and Sherwin took 20 passengers into the air, Joe Franquerra being the first air minded one to go up. Franquerra having broken the ice, others followed gladly."

"The feature of the afternoon was a parachute drop made at 4:30 by Percy Miller, a veteran of the 36th division. Morenos was pilot and dropped Miller at 2000 feet altitude. The day was calm and only the natural drift through the Verde canyon took Miller to the western boundary of the airport, where he made a perfect landing."

"According to Marcus Rawlins negotiations are on foot to have a four-passenger Eagle Rock plane at Clemenceau airport and plans are being made for a regular air service to Phoenix or to any place emergency demands."

"Pilots Morenos and Sherwin both commented on the fact that the stack of the Clemenceau smelter make a distinct guide to any aviator flying here."

(Verde Copper News; Jerome; Tuesday, April 22, 1930; page 1.)

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