Tue, July 23


More than 90% of world terrorism is conducted by "radical Islamic Jihadists", a term carefully avoided by the politically correct - and particularly the president of the United States. Now, I can understand President Obama's sensitivity toward Islam. His father was a Muslim. His brother and sister are Muslim. Some of our most important allies are Muslim. But Mr. Obama is, after all, President of the United States and terrorists have declared war on our country in the name of Islam. Mr. Obama refuses to accept that declaration and, instead of calling it "war", has directed his administration to refer to it as an "overseas contingency." He also prefers "enemy combatants" to the more precise "terrorists." War is hard and the fight must be focused. We are at war. We have an enemy. It is important that enemy is clearly identified.

Tuesday, on Fox News, a spokesman for C.A.I.R. (Council for American/Islamic Relations) protested the use of the term "radical Islamist Jihadist" as branding all good Muslims, stating that the terrorists weren't "real" Muslims. Tell that to the terrorists. It is they who have interpreted "Jihad" to mean "Holy War." Even though the Quran teaches against war, it recognizes that some wars are unavoidable and justified and it is the terrorists who have made the interpretation to "justify" the murder of innocents - including Muslims. As long as they follow the same Quran, regardless of interpretation, as the rest of Islam, they will be identified as Muslim or Islamic.

Perhaps it is time for Muslims who don't accept the concepts and interpretations of the Quran as defined by terrorists, to officially redefine themselves as a new, modern movement dedicated to following their own beliefs but peacefully accepting the rights of other religions to co-exist with Islam. Perhaps it is time for them to publicly and vehemently reject those who commit murder and mayhem in the name of Allah. So far, their silence has been deafening.