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"That Cottonwood is to be some city is being further evidenced every day. At the present writing several business houses are being enlarged and two are under construction."

"The first two story building to be erected in this thriving city will be put up by Mr. Beber, late of Ajo. He is putting in a tailor shop and shoe store on the ground floor and upstairs he will have rooms for rent. The building is about half completed at the present time and is of lumber."

"Mr. Renz, a recent arrival from Ajo, has purchased a lot in the Willard addition and has secured the red truck formerly owned by McDonald, of the International garage. Mr. Renz will hereafter conduct a general transfer business here, to be known as the Cottonwood transfer. His office will be next to that of the McConnell Lumber company on Main street."

"Mr. Armstrong, the general merchant, is putting the second addition to his place of business in the last three weeks, and will put in a high grade line of furniture. A furniture store has been a needed venture here."

"The pool hall here has been enlarged the fourth time in the last five weeks. Mr. Morris is putting in two new pool tables and has also installed a fine root beer barrel."

"Messrs. Paine and Berry, the electrical men from Jerome, were here the last of the past week, looking into the matter of lighting this little city. It is possible that they may put in an up-to-date plant here in the next few weeks. They are wiring the Kovacovich building here now in readiness for lighting."

"Albert Haigy, who is drilling the artesian well that is to supply Cottonwood with the purest water that is to be had, has sunk the well to a depth of 360 feet at the present writing and has but forty feet more to go before he has fulfilled his contract with Mr. Willard. At 6 o'clock last evening the water was within nineteen feet of the surface, and that with the large Hopkins well flowing steadily."

"Mr. Kelly, the theater man from Jerome, has purchased the two lots that he has been leasing from Mr. Willard on Main street, and will begin the erection in the near future of a theater building to be thirty-five feet in width and eighty feet in length. The building is to have an elevated floor and a balcony. He has not decided yet what material will be used in its construction."

"Parties, whose names are not learned, are contemplating another pool hall here in the next two weeks. It will at least contain five tables for pool and one table for billiards."

"Frank Dickinson, former under sheriff of Coconino county, has arrived and is temporarily at home on the Bill Gray place, lately taken over by the United Verde Copper company. He says that he is not definitely decided as to the business he will conduct, but said that has a fine new car coming that he will place in passenger service between here and Clarkdale and Jerome."

"The Verde river has been higher the last few nights than any time this season, due to the melting of the heavy snow fall in the mountains."

"UNIQUE WATER SYSTEM: So far as is known, Cottonwood's water supply will be unique in the state or elsewhere. Charles D. Willard, the pioneer resident of Cottonwood and the promoter and owner of the Willard addition to this thriving little city, has nearly completed the boring of an artesian well that is to supply the town with the purest water in the state, aside from rainwater itself. This was proven by direct analysis. The well will be 400 feet in depth and is cased with the best six-inch iron pipe. A storage tank to contain not less than 30,000 gallons is to be built on an elevation at least sixty-five feet above the north part of the town. It will be so built that a series of tanks can easily be constructed, all to connect with the first as the growth of the town demands."

"An up-to-date pumping plant will be installed to raise the water from the well to the tank and a four-inch main will be lain the full length of the town with at least three fire plugs conveniently located to serve in case of necessity. It will then be convenient to connect with the system from any part of the tract."

"Many beautiful homes will spring into existence as a result of this wise provision on the part of Mr. Willard and the bare ground will be made to blossom as the rose. As a matter of fact it is the only town in the state that will be really supplied with artesian water, and no greater drawing card could be imagined to the prospective business man and home seeker. It is truly wonderful to be able to buy a lot and call it one's own and have the water, climate and location so well blended into the ideal as in this particular. This is no advertisement, for advertising is unnecessary."

(The Jerome Sun; Friday, April 27, 1917; page 3, columns 1-3.)

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