Sat, April 04

Planning out the end game

Another choice...hospice care is not something that a person enters with the belief that all is going to be well; it is simply a wonderful program that provides a high level of care, support and pain management for a person's last days in this life. Corky and I have been having some talks about the end game and how to play out the remaining time we have and whether to follow the directives regarding mostly bed rest to give the pressure ulcers a chance to heal. Simply put there is no realistic expectation that they will heal. There are the other issues too and there is no expectation for improvement there either. So to spend a little longer time in bed full time or a shorter period and head out and do things that make life worthwhile ... that is the choice. Corky and I agree that fewer days filled with enjoyable outings are a better way to share our remaining time and so it was out today for our first of several flights and other adventures while it is possible and other issues make it impossible to do.

The winds were pretty high, but I have handled much higher so we decided to launch. I got Corky in the cockpit and thanks to our friend Tom for helping me with the fine adjustments in positioning her. Then it was off and into a beautiful sky and about an hour touring the area. Winds steady 19kts gusting to 23 kts from 160 landing on 21 (210). Three very nice landings and the last one we stuck. With a stall speed of about 38 kts and landing in high winds, then hit by a gust there is a tendency to return to flight :+) Anyhow we had a blast and then dinner with friends we have not seen for a while.

The first photo is of Cork whilst we are in flight and the second a view from the Village of Oak Creek (from about 7,000' msl) where we live looking north through Sedona and past Flagstaff with the San Francisco Peaks prominent on right horizon. From left lower part of the image SR 179 wends its way through national forest between Bell Rock and Castle Rock into Sedona. The airport is visible above SR179 ...

Have a terrific day and share your joy and a few smiles ... makes everything a little nicer ... and do not put off those things you want to do ... we never have and unlikely that we ever will ... why wish you had done something? Just do it!!!



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