Sat, Dec. 14

Cottonwood city manager's salary gets boost

COTTONWOOD -- City Manager Doug Bartosh was hailed as the city's leader during the Cottonwood Council meeting Tuesday and awarded a 6-percent merit salary increase.

Mayor Diane Joens read a lengthy "laundry-list" of city accomplishments in recent years under the Bartosh administration. "He has done a good job of accomplishing and holds up his end of it."

The mayor said, "His response time is amazing. You ask for something in the morning and he is already working on it by afternoon."

"During the past year," Terence Pratt agreed, "you just look and see how the city has evolved, and Doug has been an integral part of that. He has represented us well."

Pratt also noted that Bartosh has been active in training about the Holocaust and was recognized with the Gabe Zimmerman Public Service Award while also critical in the development of MATForce, the Yavapai Substance Abuse Coalition.

Bartosh noted that manager's salaries and responsibilities differ throughout the state. In the Verde Valley, for example, Cottonwood and Jerome are the communities that still operate a fire department as part of municipal business while most have independent districts, which generate their own revenues.

Last year, the city awarded its clerk and attorney merit increases.

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