Wed, Feb. 19

Are You Confident?

I cannot overstate how important it is to be confident. Actually, this applies to all aspects of life, but today, I just would like to put your attention to the role of confidence in our fitness-related pursuits. What does it mean to be confident? If you are confident, you believe that you are able and will reach your goal or goals: be it simply a weight loss goal, a goal of finishing your first 5K, a goal of doing an Ironman under 11 hours, or such a simple thing as a goal of eating on the healthy side.

Even with the best motivation and even if we try our best to believe and remain confident, it is hard not to be "under-confident" from time to time. Self-doubt, busy life, tiredness, the thing called "daily life" cram into our plans and try to destabilize us and our pursuit of both the confidence and, through it, of our goals.

One thing we can do in order not to lose confidence is to focus on the daily progress: OK, I ate healthy this morning, did not "forget' to have the breakfast, now I have to focus on the task at hand: eating a healthy lunch. And so on...

Also, make sure that your environment promotes all tidbits which can contribute to gaining more confidence: reach to your family for support, ask them not to go out to a fast food restaurant this week, make sure you shop for healthy foods and stock them at home, so there is no temptation to reach for that frozen pizza, because it simply is not in your fridge! Make sure you train for your first 5K: start from walking, then alternate walking and jogging, then increase the amount of time you jog versus walk, then make it a goal to jog the entire 5K several weeks before your first race. Then, try to run it over a decreasing amount of time, by applying various training methods, such as intervals, hill training, tempo runs, and so on...

With each and every workout completed, you will gain a tidbit of... confidence! So you will with each healthy meal you eat. You will feel more and more confident in your fitness, abilities, strength, balance and flexibility with each and every workout you have. Your confidence is not static, its levels fluctuate, depending on how successful you have been with your pursuits. Oftentimes, reaching smaller goals, such as a completion of a great workout, leads to an increased level of confidence from that moment on. And this, in turn, makes it so much easier to believe in ourselves and to go for and reach that major goal, such as a 50lbs weight loss or completion of a half-marathon.

If you lack motivation or confidence, talk to your trainer. If you don't have one, perhaps it is a good time to hire her, investing in your physical and psychological well being and health? Stay Fit-Fit and e-mail me at any time at:

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