Tue, July 23

Celebrating life

I got an email from a friend today with the latest video of Fum & Gebra on YouTube. The link to it is: . Fum is a little black cat who looks an awful lot like One and Gebra is an owl ... the two are playmates and you will enjoy the video a lot. I still have it playing on another screen. The two creatures are filled with joy and life. After watching it the first few times I checked out the website: to learn a little more about the pair and enjoyed my time there, but also a little sad to learn that Fum the black cat passed from this life on May 4th of this year having only lived for three years. Take the time to watch the video and you will see two beautiful creatures living life as it is meant to be lived and then check out the website to get the story behind the film.

And today we also celebrate fifty four years of marriage and begin yet another year ... actually there is no need to put numbers to it, just another great day together.

Cheers ... celebrate life and all that is here for us to enjoy.


PS The photo is an overhead of Glen Canyon Dam ... the plug that caused the Colorado River to fill a very beautiful canyon with water now called Lake Powell ...