Thu, July 18

All in all an excellent soaring day.

After a friend came over to stay with Corky this afternoon, I headed up to the airport for a flight in one of the most beautiful skies I have seen in a long time. Although the useable lift only went to around 13,000 feet msl, it was everywhere and I had over 750 per minute up at times and the thermals were large and seldom had to go beyond 45 degrees of bank to stay in them. All in all an excellent soaring day. This shot was taken in my first thermal of the day and was over the Village of Oak Creek where we live. The blurry looking thing in the upper right corner is my yaw string. Use it to determine coordination in flight so that you keep your eyes outside the cockpit.

I got Corky up after we got home and we headed back up to the airport and had dinner at the Mesa Grill and enjoyed a fine meal as the sun set and a beautiful sky was lit up and a full moon rising above the rocks with partial cloud cover. It was a perfect end to a very good day.

A friend is in from California for a visit and then it being Wednesday it is the Hilton for dinner and the music of Anthony Mazzella, Another great day underway.

Smiles is good


PS smallest type I can read without glasses so far ... next surgery on Monday

This type size may stick around for a while.

PPS Old saying in the glider community ...glider guiders get high and stay high - thermals, orographic lift and wave are our fuel and altitude is a full tank of it.