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Train and follow a healthy path like never before

Magdalena Romanska

Magdalena Romanska

Your health is important, therefore, you should always attempt to challenge your body in a variety of ways:

What about some Pilates Reformed-based training (extremely beneficial for core strength, muscle toning and for anyone from seasoned athletes to rehabilitation patients); a challenge of a cable machine, which would keep your muscles under constant tension?

Or why not try a full M2 Inspire Gym System for all the heavy lifting, relieving your stress on a boxing bag, or be challenged in terms of the agility, balance and flexibility with the appropriate equipment, free weights, barbells, kettle bells, sand bells, elastic bands, battling rope, rehabilitation devices, BOSU®, balance beams and a Swiss Ball?

The best way to challenge your body and get truly impressive results is by investing your time and energy in some personal training sessions.

Your body gets acclimated to the same routine, therefore, it is very important to adjust or change the exercises you are performing.

Your goal should be not to do the same routine twice! You will get the best results from any one-on-one session or a simultaneous training of two persons with similar fitness goals.

Your pursuit of health should not end here: benefit from nutritional consultations, complete with the nutritional planning and guidance specifically for you and your body type, with meal plans, nutrient and micro nutrient detail and even food shopping lists.

Work on your fitness goals while you are away: benefit from receiving a training program to perform, and depending on your daily feedback, adjust the plan for the next session via by e-mail. This way, you'll avoid falling into a non-challenging training routine.

If you want, discuss every single meal with your Trainer, get her to comment on the photos of food about to be eaten and even ask her to raid your kitchen cupboards, concierge-service style!

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