Thu, Nov. 21

Green Ideas

On occasion, you really can (justifiably!) be in that type of a mood that if someone tells you again to eat your salad, you might explode. We UNDERSTAND. After all, how many salad leaves can we digest daily without getting that feelin' of turning into some sort of a rabbit???? Half a cup? A cup? TWO full cups????

Well, there is a remedy: you want to eat your greens, or you do not want to eat your greens but you feel you have to eat them, or you want or do not want to eat your greens AND you cannot eat any more of the salad thingie!!!! What is a gal or guy to do?

Eat dark green stuff such as: collard greens, Swiss chard, turnips, bok choy (or baby bok choy, my personal favorite, boosting with antioxidants!), escarole, spinach, broccoli or kale. They are all dark green, boosting with body-friendly nutrients, full of good filling fibers and easy to prepare. Actually, not very popular collard greens might contribute to lowering the "bad" cholesterol levels even better than the well-known and often used spinach or broccoli (not that there is anything wrong with these two, either... Just promoting the less-known guy...). You can sauté stuff with collards and garlic, for example. Or you can add the greenery into a nice portion of scrambled eggs or egg whites (full of proteins, as well). You can season your greens with vinegar or red pepper flakes - the more spicy the food, the more calories you burn during the day - and hey, every calorie counts, right?! So, go for that chili pepper and black pepper without any hesitation. If you decide to indulge in just one cup of kale, you'll get a full day's worth of vitamin C and vitamin A, as well as much more than even needed of the vitamin K. In one of my Be Fit Fit Newsletters, I presented a great and popular recipe for very healthy kale chips: check it up on my web site at, under the "Newsletters" Tab. Turnips is also full of Vitamin K, and it does not joke in terms of fiber, and the Chard is yet another option if you want to replenish the levels of both vitamin A and C. As always, if you can, go organic: these leaves are not protected by anything against the pesticides, pollutants and all other types of daily assaults. Even if you get organic: wash them really well (even if yours boosts the "pre-washed" words on its package. Also, it is good to spin them after washing: they won't be too wet not too dry, they will be... just perfect! Have fun and be creative in the kitchen, 80% of the weight-management success is in the nutrition, only about 20% is in the exercise (OK, 3% is the genetics, but let's not go into such details...).... Stay Fit-Fit, and e-mail me, if anything, at!

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