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1870: MILITARY NEWS; General Wheaton


"A short time ago, Company E, of the Eighth Cavalry, and some citizen employees, left Fort Whipple under the command of Captain Jacob Kauffman, with orders from General Wheaton, commanding this sub-district, to proceed to Camp Verde, fifty or sixty miles east from Fort Whipple and Prescott, and, if possible, find a good route for a wagon road over the Mogollone chain of mountains. The Captain and command got back several days ago, after having carried out the General's orders, as fully as possible."

(The Weekly Arizona Miner; Prescott; April 2, 1870; page 3.)

"Lieutenant-Colonel Frank Wheaton, 21st U. S. Infantry, who for some time past commanded the sub-district of Upper Arizona, headquartered at Fort Whipple, left with Col. Stoneman's party for Drum Barracks, the present headquarters of his regiment, where he will hereafter be stationed. His family accompanied him. We understand that Col. Stoneman gave Col. Wheaton a choice of posts in the Department, and that he selected Drum Barracks for various reasons --- the principal one being that he might educate his children. We have been intimately acquainted with Colonel Wheaton since his advent into this portion of the Territory, and can, with truth say that he has had the best interests of the Territory at heart; been kind, courteous and gentlemanly to all. Therefore, he and his amiable wife carry with them the best wishes of the MINER and its readers, for their future welfare and happiness." (The Weekly Arizona Miner; Prescott; October 22, 1870; page 3.)

"GENERAL WHEATON: A recent private letter states that headquarters of the 21st Infantry, General Wheaton commanding, have been ordered to proceed from Drum Barracks to Fort Yuma, California." (The Weekly Arizona Miner; Prescott; September 2, 1871; page 2.)

"GENERAL WHEATON: The Department Commander Arrives at Whipple Barracks This Morning. Arizona Welcomes Him Back to the Scenes of His Former Military Career." November 20, 1895.

"Over a quarter of a century ago, away back in the late sixties, Lieut. Col. Frank Wheaton of the 21st Infantry was in command of his regiment, with headquarters at Whipple Barracks, of which post he was also in command."

"This morning, Brigadier General Wheaton, department commander of the department of the Colorado, and in which Arizona is included, with headquarters at Denver, arrived at Whipple Barracks on a tour of inspection of the various posts in his department. On his arrival there the usual salute of a brigadier general, of eleven guns were fired. This afternoon the regimental band gave a concert in his honor. General Wheaton is accompanied by his aide-de-camp, Lieut. John F. Mallory."

"During the time that General Wheaton was stationed at Whipple the Apaches held sway over the territory and the duties of a soldier at a frontier post were entirely different from the present time. Apache raids were numerous, while rumors of raids were more numerous still, and the officers and soldiers of the garrison were expected to be ever ready to pursue either the real or imaginary raider."

"Very many and interesting are the reminiscences told by the old timers, of the days when General Wheaton and his regiment were stationed at Whipple. While there are not very many of them left, none can be found who has not a warm place in his heart for the brave old soldier, and who does not speak in the highest terms of praise of him."

"General Wheaton, of to-day, is the same genial gentleman as the Colonel Wheaton of nearly thirty years ago, who endeared himself to the hearts of the people of this section."

"The old slab house in which he had his headquarters at that time, was for years one of the old landmarks of the garrison, but it was torn down within the past two or three years."

"General Wheaton is a native of Rhode Island and was appointed from that state first lieutenant in the 1st cavalry, U. S. A. on March 3, 1855. He was appointed captain in the 4th cavalry March 1, 1861. On November 6, 1863, he was promoted to a major in the 2d cavalry. July 28, 1865, lieut. colonel 39th infantry. March 15, 1869, transferred to the 21st infantry. December 15, 1874, colonel 2d infantry. April 18, 1892, brigadier general."

"General Wheaton served with distinction during the civil war and within a little over a year rose to the position of brigadier general of the volunteer service, his volunteer service being as follows: July 10, 1861, lieutenant colonal 2d Rhode Island infantry; July 21, 1861, colonel of the same regiment; November 29, 1862, brigadier general; October 19, 1864, brevet major general; April 30, 1866, honorably mustered out of the volunteer service."

"On March 13, 1865, he was also appointed a brevet major general in the regular army."

(Arizona Weekly Journal-Miner; Prescott; November 20, 1895; page 3.)

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