Tue, Jan. 21


Did you know that 30% of women who are regularly exercising are lacking some substantial amounts of iron? They are not yet diagnosed with the anemia, but their levels of iron are still lower than ideal. If you are constantly tired, and/or if you are constantly tired, training and you are a woman, check your iron levels with your physician! Iron, a part of hemoglobin, is extremely important for anyone who trains, especially anyone doing any endurance training (such as long runs, daily training, triathlon or a bike race preparation). Hemoglobin brings the oxygen to out body. The more O2 we get, the harder and/or longer we can go!

If we don't have enough of the iron, we tend to slow down (VERY important for those of us who race), get tired easily, both during the training and during a regular day activities, and we get sleepy and tend to have lower body temperature than normal. Women lose more iron due to the menstrual cycle. Moreover (for both genders), if, for example, we sweat, we exercise a lot (causing some immediate reaction from the body, such as an inflammation), or we tend to run tons or do lots of plyometric (jumping) exercises, the foot cells which are full of iron break down. Therefore, we lose the iron. So, especially if you train a lot and feel tired too often to mention, or if you run many miles a week, pretty please: remember to check your iron levels from time to time with your GP. If you are diagnosed with some iron deficiency and get help in terms of the iron supplement intake, you should be back to your kickin' normal in 2-5 weeks. So, hang in there and do not blame your body if you suddenly start feeling sluggish and cannot shake off that sensation!

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