Wed, June 26

1914: CLARKDALE FIRE, December 23.


"News reached Prescott yesterday that the Bank of Arizona, postoffice and general merchandise store of the T. F. Miller Company, at Clarkdale, burned to the ground at two o'clock Wednesday morning. The bank is a branch of the bank by the same name in Prescott, and was located in the Miller company store building, as was also the postoffice."

"The building was an old frame structure, and burned like tinder, it being impossible to extinguish the blaze which was raging at full fury when discovered, and which continued until nothing was left of the building or contents but a heap of ashes."

"M. B. Hazeltine, of the Prescott Bank of Arizona, said yesterday that the loss to the bank was nominal, as they had a large fire-proof safe which contained all their money, books and valuable papers. The stamps and books of the postoffice were also in a safe and saved, but the office fixtures of all three institutions which occupied the building, were completely destroyed, together with the entire stock of goods."

"The store carried quite an extensive stock, the loss being approximated at $15,000, as the connecting warehouse and contents were also destroyed. This loss is partly covered by insurance. The company had just completed a new brick structure and expected to move is stock into the same the first of the new year, but it is not known whether the bank and postoffice were to have moved at the same time."

"The origin of the fire is a mystery but it is thought to have been caused from the fire in a large stove in the store which was probably not completely out when the store was closed after business hours Tuesday evening."

(Weekly Journal-Miner; Prescott; December 30, 1914; page 3.)