Sun, Dec. 08

The art that is earth

Back to... the art that is earth ... from the vantage of a mile above it. I enjoy doing the aerial versions of landscape photography such as the shot last night, but it is also fun to take a look at the abstract art that is earth like the image tonight. Not sure exactly where I took this shot but it was somewhere NW of Cottonwood. Erosion from wind and water shapes and sculpts the earth and much of it becomes a work of beauty as earth continues to change from natural forces. That which is removed adds to the landscape somewhere else and perhaps dunes are created, dams are filled with silt and waterways altered. The slow and non-relenting forces of the wind and the rain ... anyhow, I like it. Got a late start as I was visiting with friends which always trumps all else and the predicted late afternoon winds arrived in time for my landing 11 kts gusting to 15 kts from 080 degrees. Both landings were very good ... the first one would have been enough, but a gust put me airborne for a hundred feet or so before I settled again ... the winds were very cool and would have preferred to stay in the cockpit ... oh well.

Dinner with friends at the Hilton and then home to One and some quiet time.

A friend has a new website selling beautiful Hopi art and has named his new gallery (web) "Kachinas ... Spirits on the Mesas" and the link to it is and it is worth a visit.

Thank you for all the cards and email Christmas greetings ... tomorrow night my 2013 Christmas edition goes out.

Enjoy the day and those whom you are fortunate enough to see today ... loved ones, friendship, a warm greeting and a smile are the essence of life, may your day be filled with such joy.

Merry Christmas


If ever there comes a day when we can't be together keep me in your heart, I'll stay there forever.

A.A. Milne

And forever after that ...


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