Fri, Jan. 24


... the softness of a sun swept field this hen mallard burst into flight, smile on her face knowing she was safe and getting her portrait taken. A special glance and then off for other fields less traveled; at least by me.

It was a beautiful day today and after time on the deck with Q and time visiting with Cork it was off to the ponds and the wetlands in hopes of getting some good shots, but not really caring whether I did or not. For a change I sat between a couple of the ponds for a while just observing the ducks and herons as they did their thing and soaked up the fresh air and rays. Then it was off to the wetlands where I got this shot. She was walking along in the reeds with several Canadian Geese and burst out into flight. The geese with great self-assurance merely stepped into the water, formed a flotilla and sailed off.

Corky had a friend over whilst I was gone and is currently growing skin again. After viewing the world from waist level for about twenty three years we now alternate between periods of skin growth which requires most of the day in bed and then when it is looking pretty good again it is up in the chair until the cycle is repeated. She still smiles.

Into the weekend and hope you have a good one and share your joy with others ... a smile will do the trick.

Back Monday morning - Cheers


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