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Take Your Heart for a Walk!

Hi everyone and welcome to the Be Fit Fit Fitness Blog!

This is my first blog here, so - I guess - it is only appropriate to introduce myself to those of you who have not crossed paths with me yet! My name is Magdalena and I am the owner of the Be Fit Fit Studio in the Village of Oak Creek, where I do personal training (one-on-one sessions either in my Studio or at one of the local resorts, where I am an Independent Contractor). I specialize in training of the senior population, but I am known for whipping back in shape Trainees of any age, any shape and with any goals (even competitive). So, basically, if you have any fitness-related issues, you simply want to train, lose weight (or gain it!), improve your balance and flexibility, or you were released from rehabilitation and need to start functioning in the outside world, I am the one you want to talk with! Apart from encouragement and training in person, I offer Trainee-specific plans for training and I'd even equip you with your personalized training plan for travel times! I also can advise you regarding the nutritional aspect of weight loss/gain/lean muscle increase etc. and can create a nutritional plan which would be suitable for you. I've got them all: if you wish to go vegan, ask me! If vegetarian is what you like, let me know! Or, maybe-maybe, "healthy fast food" eating, anyone?...

I also offer a FREE Be Fit Fit Fitness Newsletter, just go to and sign up from there, it goes out on Mondays and is full of yummy (but healthy) recipes, exercise/fitness tips and encouraging quotes!

I am starting my blog in the month of February, which is known for being the Heart Health Month. The emotional aspect of it notwithstanding (especially given the Valentine's Day!), this month's dedication to the heart brings so many associations to my mind. The Heart: the most important organ in our body. Of course, we do need all of them to function, more or less, but this guy is the tops: never stopping, never sleeping, and never truly slowing down! And yet so much in our lives depend on how our heart is doing... One busy and very important organ.

Well, what can we do to make sure we've done it all in order to make our hearts happy, ticking at equal intervals and pumping blood to all the other organs we possibly might have in there?

First and foremost, we need to train it. Yes, the heart is a muscle and it does need real training. It wants to go for a daily walk. It possibly wants to walk out, or, if the weather is really, really, but really bad, it might agree to be walked on a treadmill. It does not like monotony and gets easily bored: it simply adjusts too well to the stuff we do. So, it likes to change things around: one day, a walk, but the other, it wants to swim. And the third day around, it asks for a rowing machine (you never know...). If you change your workout patterns, it will respond better to your efforts and will become stronger in the process. And it also loves us even more if we take a friend along for our walks: social life shall never be underestimated. Worth it. Really.

It also enjoys when you do some weight training: many repetitions with lower weights for endurance or less repetitions with higher weights to gaining strength. While you are at it, you also do a regular aerobic effort, so it, sort of, appreciates it twofold.

Last but not least, it has to be nurtured. In my future blogs, you'll notice that I simply hate the word "diet". It is important to NURTURE yourself, not diet yourself. To be positive, not negative. To add to your well-being, not deprive yourself of foods... So, our heart really loves to eat. However, there is a "but" to it: it likes to eat healthy, whole foods: lots of proteins, some carbs and (surprise-surprise!) so-called "good" fats (such as avocado, olive oil, nuts and so on). It also loves anything containing potassium (such as avocado or bananas), magnesium, such as lentils and dark green veggies, and... chia seeds! Actually, I have a minimal amount of chia seeds with my 0% Greek yoghurt, nuts and berries every morning. Yummy, and it makes me more energetic, too. We all need that. It enjoys us to fish a salmon or two, due to the fish having Omega-3s.

It hates any type of processed foods, simple fats, sugars, bad fats, anything what'd clog the arteries on which it largely depends it its ticking or anything what'd make it too excited (such as coffee, espresso, caffeinated sodas, alcohol).

I know, I know, I also have hard time kicking off my two to three cappuccinos-a-day and one-red wine glass a night habit!!! But we better keep our ticker happy...

To end on an encouraging note, the best news is that the heart likes small doses chocolate and its antioxidants (just like me and you!). It won't mind if you have an occasional yoga session during your busy week and it is really appreciative if you can sleep rather longer than shorter.

So, I won't take more of your time here: grab your mat for some well-deserved ommmms and make your ticker even happier!

And, if in need of any personal training, e-mail me at: Stay fit!

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