Fri, Jan. 24


... more issues with my keyboard again early this morning; it was wildly protesting my head bouncing off of it time after time. Wild displays of characters were filling the text box and alarms were going off as violation after violation of the rules of the KB occurred. The only sane solution was to give my head something soft to bounce off of and that was a pillow ... so it was that the email did not go out on time. In my defense, I had spent five hours on the road yesterday and another 3 hours wandering around the Riparian Institute in Gilbert, AZ, one of the most amazing places I have ever been. There are 100 acres or wetlands managed to a degree that one has to admit that man has done something really right in creating an environment for waterfowl and critters. If you have not already visited the area you should do so whether you like to take photographs or not. Home page for the institute is: Kudos of the highest order to the city of Gilbert for really getting it right!!! From a photographers point of view it is amazing as 400mm is all you really need for max grab and frequently 200mm will do the trick. There is a tremendous amount of cover for the critters and ample points of access to get close to them. Blinds are already in place for those who prefer to wait for something to come their way and it is handicap accessible.

I took 461 shots in the three hours I spent there and got many action shots which is always my preference. The shot this morning is of a Great White Egret landing in the shallow water in one of the many ponds. For me it will be back down there in the next couple of weeks to spend a full day shooting. Tonight it will likely be a Sparrow Hawk which I was fortunate to get many shots of, or a Snowy Egret flaring and landing coming straight at me ... then there are the Cormorants, Ducks, Doves, Great Blue Herons, Geese, Osprey Hawks and so many more.

Have a wonderful day, it is an exceedingly good day to be here, breathing and enjoying all of creation.



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