Sat, April 04

Letter: Common sense for a stronger community


That is the motto of two of the candidates for City Council: Darold Smith and Randall Garrison. After reading their answers to the various questions posed by the Verde Independent’s reporters, (Jan 25 and Feb 3) I definitely agree with Mr. Osher that Darold Smith and Randall Garrison deserve our votes.

Their answers to a variety of issues are indeed “common” sensible and will build a “stronger community.”

The community’s interests are not often the Council’s priority. The Council seems bent on doing what they think is right often without input and sometimes in spite of input from the populace.

I admit this is often the fault of the citizens not taking enough interest and making their voices heard.

An appalling low 19 percent of our citizens even bothered to answer Mr. Bartosh’s poll last year on how the Council was doing.

When you have two members who have been on the Council 20 years or so, how do you look to the future and institute change?

I believe we need new people on the council who will challenge old ideas or, as in the case of the Riverfront Water Reclamation Project, insist on proper research, sticking to projected expenditures, and yes “common sense” regarding building such a facility on a major FEMA designated flood hazard zone.

I urge our Cottonwood citizens to participate in the selection process when you receive your mail-in ballots this week, and vote for Darold Smith and Randall Garrison.

Lee Cali


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