Mon, July 15

What Motivates You?

Truth has to be told: for various reasons, most people dislike exercise or think they do.

They don't like to sweat up and ruin their hairstyle. It takes up too much time and, BTW, it even might feel uncomfortable and purely hurt, it they are out of shape. Also, they find it a better idea to lie on that pale beige couch (with red wine stains!) and eat a slice of angel cake. Or some chips. Much better than sweating your day away on the elliptical, right?... Or not...

In my humble opinion, when I hear someone does not like to exercise, I understand that this person simply lacks motivation. Motivation makes you stick with your training, even at 4:50AM when you wake up and head for that morning run or early morning swim.

People are motivated by different things: they may stick to exercising because they want to be healthy (lower bad cholesterol levels or blood pressure readings or the body weight, increase muscle strength and balance, to prevent osteoporosis or diabetes, the list is long...). They may enjoy training because they like to see their own progress: no matter if they share the good news with friends or through the social media, or they keep the daily triumphs to themselves. They'd tend to stick to their workouts more if they purely enjoy it (alone or as part of a team), allow themselves to be flexible and exercising is convenient for them: the right time of the day (for each individual), the right place (not too far from either home or workplace). We also just love to see some results out here: so, be sure to set some goals for yourself: both long-term (such as gaining 20 pounds of lean muscle mass and losing 45 pounds of fat over the next 18 months), and short-term (exercising 5 times a week this coming week and taking 3 walks in the afternoon). And once we see some results, we gain confidence and try even harder! Plus, that's the right time to reward yourself for your efforts (not with a bowl of ice cream, though - rather think in terms of a massage, facial or getting yourself that nice fitted T-shirt!).

E-mail me at to figure it out together what motivates you and start you on an enjoyable and rewarding fitness path! Stay Fit-Fit and have a beautiful week!