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JEROME: One of Camp's Early Residents; A. J. Carroll.

"One of the real old timers of Jerome, A. J. Carroll, who is now president of the Yaba Copper company, is in town today."

"Mr. Carroll's father came here in 1877 and he himself came two years later. He has the distinction of having built the first two houses that were erected in the camp, the first a butcher shop for Tom Saunders and the second a store and feed yard which he opened for a time. He says that the butcher shop was considered a triumph of fine workmanship, as it was built with double walls and an air space of 12 inches. It was located near the United Verde mine."

"IN AT THE START: 'I was in at what might be called the start of the United Verde,' said Mr. Carroll to the Verde Copper News this morning. 'Ruffner, McKinnon and Kennedy had a little cabin not far from the glory hole and were doing their first assessment work. I always understood that the mine was discovered by Captain Boyd, but, so far as I know, he never did any actual work and the first real location was made by the three mentioned. They were driving a tunnel on an outcrop well down the hill. When they sold out, I stayed on, and in 1884, I went through the old mine with Superintentent Church, who told me that I would live to see the United Verde one of the great mines of the world --- and he seems to have been a good prophet. In 1889 I came back to Jerome and worked at the mine under Joseph Giroux. I might say that in 1882, what few people were here lived in tents; the mine boarding house was in one tent and the office in another."

"THE YABA MINE: Mr. Carroll is preparing to do a lot of real work this year at the Yaba mine which is located in Yaba gulch, six miles to the east of Humboldt and consists of six full claims with some remarkably good showings in gold and silver and surface indications which prominent mining engineers declare are certain indices of large copper deposits at depth. Mr. Carroll has had this property for a number of years and made many shipments of the rich surface ores. He has recently installed a new machinery plant and will be in shape for active operations within a very short time. A number of local people are interested in the Yaba and many experienced mining men believe the property is destined to become a big producer. Mr. Carroll left this afternoon for Prescott, where he is making his headquarters."

(Verde Copper News; January 8, 1924; page 1, column 3.)

1920 CENSUS, Dewey Precinct:

Andrew J. Carroll, 58, Manager, mining company.

Andrew J. Carroll, 29, Miner, metal mine.

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