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Lectures & Workshops 1/9 - 1/15

Watercolor classes - Mondays till 5/20, 1:30 pm: Different instructors each month.  $15.  Oak Creek Country Club, 690 Bell Rock Blvd., Village of Oak Creek.  928-203-1713 or 928-204-1508.

Reiki Share - Every Tuesday, 6 pm: Drop-in basis, Love donation. 1385 W Hwy 89A #2, Expansive Realities, Sedona. 928-282-5637 or 928-203-6461.

Munay-Ki, Mayan Rites Of Empowerment And Protection - Tuesdays thru 3/26, 6 pm: The nine rites of Munay-ki, once passed from shaman to initiate, have been released to the world.  For the best effect, the rites should be given one at a time; we will give one rite per person each session. Suggested donation is $10. Call for location and additional information. 928-301-4889.

Verde Valley Doomsday Preppers - Tuesdays, 7 pm: Relics Restaurant, 3235 Arizona 89a, Sedona. 928-301-9079.

Learn Tai Chi - Every Wednesday, 6 pm: Introductory classes are now enrolling. Zen Den, Sedona. 928-592-7295.

Creative Visualization Meditation - Every Wednesday, 6 pm: Increase your creativity and enhance your intuitive abilities. $5 donation. 1385 W Hwy 89A #2, Expansive Realities, Sedona. 928-203-6461.

Open Aura Clearing - Every Saturday, 11:30 am: Chakra Balancing Light Wave Healing Circle.  Drop-in basis, love donation.  1385 W Hwy 89A #2, Expansive Realities, Sedona. 928-282-5637.

Vegetarian Cooking Classes - Every Saturday in January, Noon: After each lesson there will be a delicious vegetarian meal served. All four classes $40. Call for reservations. Sedona Center of Vedic Culture, 3270 White Bear Rd, Sedona. 928-204-4455.

Mind-Expansive Talk - Every Saturday, 3:30 pm: A master of these sciences then offers insight for personal information of each participant. Cost is $15. Hippie Emporium, 1123 Main Street, Cottonwood.

Argentine Tango Weekly Practica - 1/9, 7 pm: $5. Sedona Shadows, 6770 W. Hwy. 89A, #126, West Sedona. 928-821-5565.

It's a New Year! Time for a New Joint? - 1/10, 5 pm: Featuring orthopedic surgeon Geoffrey H. Cook, M.D. Dr. Cook will discuss the many benefits of orthopedic surgery and the conditions which help determine if someone is a candidate for joint replacement. There will be time for questions and answers. Sedona Library, 3250 White Bear Rd., Sedona. 928-639-6551.

Magdalene Channeling and Ascension Meditation - 1/11, 7 pm: Join Dr. Jewels Maloney for group channel from The Christ-Magdalene, questions from the group, and Ascension meditation. Sacred Circle, 125 Table Top Rd., W. Sedona. 928-300-7678,

Winter Volunteer Training - 1/11 - 1/17: The program covers a wide range of topics including but not limited to the physical, spiritual and emotional experience of the terminally ill patient; effective and compassionate communication; legal and practical matters; infection prevention and control; and self-care for caregivers. The 20-hour program is taught over the course of five days with four-hour sessions. Each class builds upon previous classes, and potential volunteers must attend all five classes to graduate. Conference Room B, Verde Valley Medical Center, 269 S. Candy Lane, Cottonwood. 928 639-6676.

Paintless Paintings & Creative Torn Paper Workshop - 1/12, 10 am: Deborah Gallagher & Karen Sellers will teach participants how to create paintings using only torn paper. American Heritage Charter School, 675 Sunland Drive, Camp Verde.

Verde Valley Dowsers Club - 1/13, 2 pm: Marsha Adams will give the talk she presented at the International Remote Viewing Conference describing how hard science environmental measurements may influence remote viewing and dowsing performance.  She will also show measurements of a Sedona geopathic zone and measurements of household wiring that  may affect your performance and health. Admission $5. St Andrews Episcopal Church, 100 Arroyo Pinon Drive, Sedona. 928-554-4079, 928-451-2949.

Is Ascension Technological? - 1/13, 2:30 pm: Aleya Annaton will present a multi-media explanation of the new theory of physics that merges science and spirituality to bring about a new technology that may bring about the prophesized ascension! $30. Unity of Sedona, 65 Deer Trail, Sedona.

Tarot; The Mystery of the Ancient Wisdom - 1/13, 5:30 pm: Learn the practical guidance in daily life through the Tarot. Bring a deck that you would like to learn. Fee is $10. Expansive Realities, 1385 W. State Rt. 89A, Sedona. 928-203-6461.

Ice Age Animals - 1/14, 7 pm: David Gillette speaks on Ice Age animals of the Colorado Plateau. $7. Sedona United Methodist Church, 110 Indian Cliffs Road, Sedona. 928-284-2875.

West Coast Swing Dancing - 1/14, 7 pm: Intermediate class 8 pm. $9 for one or both classes. Sedona Shadows, 6770 W. Hwy. 89A, #126, West Sedona. 928-821-5565.

Winter Feast for the Soul - 1/15, 4:30 pm: Attendees will hear inspirational readings and be guided into a silent meditation. Admission is $10.  Sedona Creative Life Center, 333 Schnebly Hill Road, Sedona. 928-204-0067,

Catch Your Breath: Asthma and Sleep Apnea - 1/15, 5 pm: Featuring Pulmonologist Jeffrey E. Arnold, M.D. Dr. Arnold will discuss the association between sleep apnea and asthma, how both conditions affect overall health and treatment options. There will be time for questions and answers. Verde Valley Medical Center, Conference Room B, 269 S. Candy Lane, Cottonwood. 928-639-6551.

PC Tune-up Clinic - 1/19, 11 am: Fee is $25 per hour. Public is invited. Clemenceau Building, Willard Street at Mingus Avenue, Cottonwood. 928-639-0106.

Interactive Shabat Service - 2/22, 6 pm: Raw Living Expo presents interactive Shabat service with Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, MD, founder of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation centre in Patagonia, Arizona. Dr. Cousens is known as a leading medical authority on live-food nutrition and as a spiritual teacher.  Free! Hilton Sedona Resort and Spa, 90 Ridge Trail Drive, Sedona.

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