Wed, Feb. 19

the third

... planet from our star which we call earth. It is an ever changing planet and the forces of wind, rain, snow and an ever changing climate continually shape and reshape the surface. Eruptions of molten matter from deep beneath the surface explode with violence and form craters that mark the surface and in Northern Arizona we add a new one about every eight hundred to a thousand years with more than five hundred of them up here now and more to come. Tectonic plates collide and push mountain peaks higher with Mt Everest still climbing to the sky and adding about two and a half inches a year, that is more than fifteen feet in the average lifetime. Hurricanes, monsoons, typhoons, tornados, flooding of rivers, torrential rains, drought and blowing winds, ocean currents, all contribute to the continuing sculpting of earth our special planet ... the only place we can survive ... at least for now. We are a noble species and we need to remember that we are and focus on the beauty of ourselves and the gift of life with which for such a short time we are blessed.

Brake problems again and need to get it to Performance One at Falcon Field to fix them, but during the flight today I got a few shots I like which show so much of the sculpting and shaping of the surface by natural forces. It is beautiful and I'm thankful for the ability to get up there and capture it to share. The view is from eleven thousand feet about ten miles West of Cottonwood looking NNW. Sycamore Canyon and the Southern end of the Colorado Plateau as it wends its way NW towards Ashfork.

Have a terrific day and share your joy.


So each one to his wish, and as for me,

I sit tonight and wait

To find the answers to my soul in me,

And in the beauty of the sky and sea.

Max Ehrmann

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