Thu, Nov. 14


... or perhaps just change, but as always the planet continues to change and not always to our liking ... let's control it ... perhaps earth is amused at the grand ambitions we have ... perhaps it will evict us ... for sure it does not give a wit about that which we proclaim. Thanks to our fortuitous location in orbit around our star the sun we receive energy from it which warms the surface sometimes a little more or less than other times. For about the past five billion years +/- the sun has been burning about 600 million tons of hydrogen per second, and it is good for another four or five billion years before the useable hydrogen to sustain the fusion reaction is gone. Radical climate change will occur then. The "burn rate" has been shown to be very constant with a variation of less than .2%. Neat facts on the NASA site and the link is: .

I took this photo last September and I think it may be on Kendrick Mountain west of Flagstaff. Fall is clearly evident as the cooling weather turns leaves color before the trees go into a state of rest for the winter; also evidence of a past fire is obvious with the dead tree trunks scattered in neat patterns and the effects of rain and wind show in the erosion patterns ... then too there is renewal as burned areas come back to life and the mountain itself is a result of molten material forcing up from beneath the surface in the form of a volcano tens of thousands of years ago. Can you imagine how frenetic all this would seem to us if our life spans were much longer than they are?

We're into the weekend and it is later than yesterday - Yikes! What do you call this George?

Have a wonderful weekend, I'll be back Monday morning ... and smile, life is good


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