Mon, Dec. 09

The greatest experiment in self-governance the world has ever known

I took this shot while walking the trail at Sunset Crater and the beauty of this sunlit tree growing out of the lava field provided a beautiful contrast to all that surrounds it. So too did our country as it slowly immerged as the greatest experiment in self-governance the world has ever known. We threw off the shackles of a government which our founders found oppressive ... freedom was the goal ... getting rid of governance that could and did oppress its citizens at will.

Today we celebrate the signing of the declaration of independence and remember all that has gone into the creation of our great and noble nation and people. My mother's parents emigrated from Sweden and my fathers from Germany. They sought and found freedom and opportunity and made their own way. Recent years and current events reveal a dramatic change in the governance which we currently have and all of us need to consider what is coming down the track ... it does not bode well for freedom. I fervently pray that our experiment will once again prosper and be the beautiful beacon on a hill or tree emerging from lava. It started so good .....

Celebrate the day and heroic actions of our founders; have a wonderful celebration; back Monday morning.

Cheers and God Bless these United States of America


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