Thu, April 09

Cottonwood reviews 260 access proposals

COTTONWOOD--The Cottonwood Council spoke briefly this past week about intersections proposed as part of the widening of SR 260 between Thousand Trails to the Interstate with the new funding included in the new Department of Transportation 5-Year plan. A recent Valley wide campaign successfully brought together diverse Verde Valley interests to lobby ADOT for enough funding to complete the widening project. Now ADOT want to get Valley wide agreement for an access management plan. Most of the route is with the Town of Camp Verde.

Morgan Scott, Cottonwood's Assistant Development Services Manager, briefed the council that the Verde Valley Transportation Planning Organization (VVTPO) had recommended seven sites including two would be identified in the future. ADOT is leaning toward roundabouts and left turn mediums he said. In the latter, left turns would exit the highway through a median, like the one at SR 89a and Page Springs Road and Bill Gray Road.

Several council members and an audience member suggested that the budget for the widening project should allow the opportunity to create wider shoulders and bike lanes along the route.

"Shoulders are deteriorating and the road," from a bicyclists standpoint is, "almost un-rideable now," insists biker Bob Richards.

Randy Garrison recalled that years ago, SR 260 was celebrated as the "Bike Highway of Arizona."

Scott says he was unsure whether Cherry Creek Road would be left as a signalized intersection or changed as part of the re-development.

The intersection proposals include Wilshire Road (1), Horseshoe Bend (2), Cherry Creek Road(3), Coury Drive (6) and Thousand Trails (7) would be constructed as warranted as part of the project in the future as part of future development. The location and construction of two additional sites (4,5) are to be determined in the future as development demands.

The Park Verde Road (A) and Old Hwy 279 (B) are both identified as a future median left turns.

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