Thu, July 18

1918: VERDE/CLEMENCEAU; Deputy Sheriff Lowry's Murderer, July 20, Part 5.


"Speedy retribution overtook the slayer of Deputy Sheriff James Lowry. The body of Porfirio Hernandez, the murderer, lies in the morgue at Clarkdale riddled by bullets from the gun of Frank Dickerson, a well known cattleman and rancher of the Mogollons."

"The Dickerson range is situated between twenty and twenty-five miles east of Camp Verde and yesterday morning Dickerson was riding along a road looking for some cattle, when he overtook a man proceeding eastward whom he recognized at once from the description that had been scatter broadcast through the district as the man wanted for the Lowry murder."

"According to Dickerson's story, the man was highly nervous and kept a close eye on the ranchman. His hand never strayed far from the butt of a big pistol he wore."

"He told Dickerson that he wanted to buy a horse and the ranchman told him to come over to the ranch house and he would sell him a good one cheap. The man declined to go to the house and the two kept company along the road, the ranchman waiting an opportunity to make the capture and the murderer constantly on watch."

"Finally a big wolf appeared on the mountain side and Dickerson called Hernandez' attention to the gray beast slinking through the shadows of the underbrush. The moment his attention was diverted to the wolf, the rancher sprang from his saddle, drawing his gun as he leaped, and ordered the man to throw up his hands."

"Hernandez' only response was to draw his gun and open fire on his captor who immediately returned the fusilade. Hernandez shot five times, but all his bullets went wide, while four balls from Dickerson's gun lodged in the body of the murderer who fell to the ground dead."

"After making sure that the man was dead, Dickerson left the body where it lay and rode to Camp Verde, twenty-seven miles from where the criminal had paid the speedy penalty for his crime, and notified the local officers. A coroner's jury was hastily impaneled and proceeded to the spot where the body was lying and held a hurried inquest."

"In the meantime, the authorities at Verde had been notified of the killing and a party consisting of Thomas A. Stiles, J. B. Speed, J. A. Foster, Dr. J. P. Cummins and C. A. Wright, went to Camp Verde, to which place the body had been brought by the coroner, and identified it as the remains of Porfirio Hernandez, the slayer."

"The coroner's jury returned a verdict in accordance with the facts."

"Later in the day, the body of Hernandez was removed to Clarkdale where it now lies."

"By his clever capture and accurate gun work, Dickerson becomes entitled to the rewards that have been offered for the taking, dead or alive, of the murderer, and once more speedy justice has overtaken a desperate criminal."

"There is a general feeling of regret that Hernandez could not have been taken alive, that the suspicions of a wide-spread pro-German plot might have been investigated. It is hoped, however, that some of the men who aided the murderer in his escape and who are now in jail here may give some information of value."

(Verde Copper News; Jerome; Saturday, July 20, 1918; page 1, column 1-2.)