Tue, July 23

Letter: What a turnout for Cornfest


I would like to thank all the board members of Camp Verde Promotions, Bobby Tennant, Sue Chester, Carlie Androus, Sharon Doran, Rosalie McKnight and Jim Williams. With their help we were successful with the 22nd Annual Cornfest.

The hours and effort they put in made an event that will be remembered by many. WOW! What an awesome turn out of community members that stepped up to help us with the great endeavor of preparing corn, roasting corn, and serving corn.

With their help we roasted over 175 dozen ears of corn and sold hundreds of more dozens. Thank you. Another shout out to the wonderful people that helped us set up and break down. This is part of the event that is hectic, hot and tiresome and without your help it would have taken us 2 or 3 times longer. Thank you.

Thank you to The American Legion for supplying the overnight security and to Budweiser for the Beer Garden. Vendors, thank you for your support and we hope to see you in October at Fort Verde Days.

As you can see, it takes many people to put on a successful event and I want all of you to know you were appreciated. Oh, one more thank you, to Walt for bringing the corn to life.

Nikki Miller

President, Camp Verde Promotions