Fri, Sept. 20

Letter: Cottonwood Recreation Center is a community treasure


Residents of the Verde Valley …

My wife and I recently spent a week on vacation in the Verde Valley and had a truly wonderful time.

We toured wineries, historic landmarks, went hiking, rented a jeep for a day and spent a good deal of time in and around Cottonwood.

We especially liked Old Town with its great restaurants and interesting shops. Yes, we toured Sedona too, but liked the “vibe” of your area much better.

I also attended a meeting of the Rotary Club of Verde Valley and met some great people doing great things in your community.

I am employed as a Parks & Recreation Director for a small city near Tacoma, Wash.

So, naturally, when I found out about the Cottonwood Recreation Center, I just had to see it for myself. My wife and I stopped by the facility one afternoon and were thoroughly impressed by this terrific community asset.

I spoke to the friendly staff at the front desk and was introduced to one of the Recreation Supervisors who gave us the VIP tour. This place has it all.

How proud you should be to have supported the construction of a first-class recreation center in a community the size of Cottonwood.

Your citizens and those in the surrounding area will reap the benefits for decades to come.

I also happened to read a letter to patrons regarding the recent budget cuts at the Recreation Center. I am all too familiar with this situation. It has occurred in my community also.

Loyal patron or not, I urge all of you to continue to support the operation of the Recreation Center.

While it may not be apparent at this point, you will look back a few years from now and be very thankful that you possess this community treasure that improves the quality of life for all of your citizens.

Kurt W. Reuter

Puyallup, Wash.

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