Wed, July 17


... makes her entrance into our home and lives this morning at about eleven AM. She is a short hair black cat around fourteen months of age and is a true sweetheart (that means she likes me). The litter box is out, crystal bowls are ready for food and water.

The past six weeks have been a challenge for us and without going into a lot of details, Corky has spent three of them in the hospital and now home and adjusting to new challenges and a lot of down time; this is with regard to an issue ongoing for over a year. We discovered a lump on Q's neck six weeks ago last Friday and since then he battled a very aggressive lymph cancer; last Tuesday he passed and is continuing his journey beyond this realm. During this time with multi daily visits to see Corky, thrice weekly visits to the vet with Q, everything else has slipped and I am more than four hundred emails behind with replies needed. Except for personal and business emails it will be at least a month before I begin to reply to new ones. I read each and every one I receive and appreciate them all...just no replies for a while. Hope you understand.

Jan Lockhart has agreed to paint another portrait for us; she has already painted Nimbus, and Q and now One will be next. I received a lot of pressure from my daughter, granddaughter and Corky to adopt three kittens. In fact I have paid for the FIV tests for three, and will also pay the adoption fee for three, but only One will come home with me...the other two are precious, but one is all I can handle, thus the name One. The family kept saying three and I said One.

Friday I got my first soaring flight in since early in May and I took this shot whilst working a thermal just NE of Capital Butte. The lift was great and the cloud shadows were beautiful. I know there are those who do not like golf courses, but Seven Canyons Golf Club is a beautiful course and is illuminated in this photo. The flight was great, something in excess of an hour local soaring and six minutes total engine time. Up to seven knots lift to over eleven thousand feet.

A terrific week is underway as One begins her journey in our home ...'twill be interesting and an adventure for all concerned.

Cheers, life is grand and each moment here a blessing.