Tue, Aug. 20

Letter: Schools should be teaching Judeo-Christian morals


We all want our children and grandchildren to be successful in life, and one thing that has as far as I can remember been associated with the “Quest for Success” is parents that have a strong desire to have their offspring attend “College” preferably a famous “University”; that should make any parent “Happy beyond Belief.”

Then in the 2012 Democratic Convention many of us were shocked by a young lady (Student in a College or University that as I understand it “Specializes in the ‘Law Profession’) and her primary point was that we need to provide free birth control products and services to the students: It sounded as though the girls were unduly burdened by ‘The High Costs of Contraception.’ With the figures she threw around it started to dash my enthusiasm for my granddaughters’ futures; where if they attend “College” they may likely receive a “Diploma in Degradation” instead of or along with their desired “Sheepskin.” Their “College Education” may serve as an “Internship” or “OJT” for an “Entrepreneurial Endeavor” in some business, say oh, something like “Mustang Ranch” or “Miss Nancy Ann’s Hotel for Single Girls.”

The question came to my mind, “Do I really want this for my granddaughters”? If I were younger that question would be about my daughter instead; still the answer raises another question: “Why have our institutions of higher learning (and our Nation) turned away from the “Judeo-Christian Principles” almost all of them were established on”? There is very little “Moral Authority” in our schools (or families) anymore, and that is distressing because I realize the future of “Our Nation” rides on the “Knowledge and Wisdom” they acquire; largely because of what we can get transferred to them, through whatever means available; and our “Public Education System” is sorely lacking in almost everything except “Socialistic Indoctrination.”

Then the politicians buy into such asinine, stupid and corrupt things as “Common Core,” which is one of the most invasive and sneaky ways to learn each and every iota of information about the private opinions, actions, health and desires concerning the life of every child and family that has been devised; it is reminiscent of the “Nazi (National Socialist) Regimes’ Youth Camps.” Then there is “UN Agenda 21,” which turns over information, power and control to the “Communist and Islam Controlled United Nations”, while they indoctrinate the students with distorted garbage such as “Revisionist History” that depicts the miraculous progress of the United States that improved our lives and the lives of a major part of the population of the earth as “Evil.” They claim a “Free Market Economy” steals from the “Poor” to give to the “Rich.” Of course they never attempt to explain how it is that “Our Poor” have in many ways always been as well or better off than most other nation’s ‘Middle Class’ even before the “New Deal” and the “War on Poverty”.

Mind you, there are some things this Nation has done that it had no business doing; but where is thanks for what we have done that benefited others. Should write a book; no better yet get the schools to actually teach the true history and the “Judeo-Christian Foundation and Constitution” that formed this Nation.

Dale Gohr