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1877: PIONEER SETTLERS; UPPER VERDE; Irrigation Ditches, School.


"EDS. MINER: --- As our settlement in this, the Upper Verde, has never been noticed or reported in the columns of the MINER, we propose to write you for publication a brief history of the progress which has been made within the short period since the same has been settled."

"The first settler was Mr. David A. Strahan, who came in here about one year ago; and there are now seven Ranches which are all well watered. The main and most important of the irrigating ditches is the old Government ditch, which is now being extended and enlarged sufficiently to afford an abundant supply of water for all the following ranches, J. O. Bristow's, D. A. Strahan's, W. G. Wingfield's Wm. Cliff's, Barney Bros. and J. W. Anderson's; the length of the ditch being seven miles." [see: The Verde Independent; "1877 WATER RIGHT: Upper Verde Reservation Ditch;" December 1, 2012.]

"The next ditch of importance on the opposite side of the Verde from the old Government ditch is the one covering the Ranches of Lanue, Clem and Jones, which is also being enlarged and extended the entire length of which, when finished, will be six miles. Also covering the Ranches of Mr. Conway Bristow and Erastus Hawkins."

"The inhabitants are all good, kind and intelligent people."

"We have erected a neat and comfortable adobe school house, 20 x 22 feet, in which there is now a school in progress, being taught by Mrs. Rubottom, recently from Kansas. We have divine service the second Sunday in each month, by the respectable Elder Groves." [see: The Verde Independent; "FIRST COTTONWOOD SCHOOL: 1877;" June 8, 2012.]

"We, the writers of this feel proud of the progress and growing prospects of this little settlement and think it one among the most beautiful and most fertile spots in Arizona."

"If required, we will give a more minute and general description of the prospects of our growing settlement in our next communication."

"Yours Respectfully; Conway Bristow & Clem."

"We shall be glad to receive communications whenever convenient to send them. --- ED. MINER."

(Arizona Weekly Miner; Prescott; February 16, 1877; page 2.)


"Revs. Groves and Hedgpeth of the Methodist Church South ... were both formerly stationed at Millville, Shasta County, Cal." (Arizona Weekly Miner; Prescott; February 25, 1876; page 3.)

"The Quarterly Meeting. --- Revs. Groves and Hedgpeth have successfully conducted a mission here for a term of 14 days, and succeeded in awakening a greater interest in religious matters than was ever before known in Yavapai county." (Arizona Weekly Miner; Prescott; March 3, 1876; page 3.)

"The Conference of the Methodist Church South, at Los Angeles, has appointed Rev. L. J. Hedgpeth as P. E. of Arizona; stationed Rev. Louis R. Featherstone at Prescott, as Preacher in Charge. ... Rev. Alexander Groves is assigned to Williamson Valley and Verde. ..." (Arizona Weekly Miner; Prescott; November 3, 1876; page 2.)

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