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So, it is 2 or 3PM, you've still got hooooooooooours till your dinner, but your stomach is rumbling. Solutions?

Well, the first one would be to make sure you've got your breakfast every single day, and that the breakfast consists of some slow-churning and filling proteins. In hopes for that svelte silhouette, ome of us would skip this most important meal of the day - and we never should! Even if you really, but really do not feel like eating before leaving the home for the day, you can always get some nutrients in a liquid form; a protein shake, for example. If you are lucky to have some appetite in the morning, then go eggs or Greek yoghurt. Or cottage cheese. And all this not "just", but with nuts, berries, or, in case of the egs, with dark green leaves, such as kale or spinach.

Second, make sure you eat three meals every day and two snacks between them. And also, before you go to sleep, there is nothing wrong with getting a few spoons of cottage cheese and nuts to keep your system happy and working.

As to the snacks:

Some great 150 calorie snacks include: 6 ounces of plain, non-fat Greek yoghurt with 1 cup of berries (mniamm!), or ½ cup of 1-2% fat cottage cheese with some fruits.

If you have space for more, let's say, 200 calories, try several spoons of steel-cut oatmeal plus a handful of ever-important nuts and seeds plus some berries. Or just go nuts: mix Brazilian nuts 9just 3 of them takes care of our daily selenium needs), walnuts, pecans, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds, and almonds. You may want to add a few spoons of 0% Greek yoghurt, or not even.

Third, notice in which circumstances you get ravenous; is it the 3PM "crash"? is it boredom/ Is it emotional eating? In many cases, simply changing your pattern of responding to that 'call for food' is enough to address the problem; you feel like eating a double cheeseburger? OK, go for a 20-minute walk! You would just love to have that glass of wine RIGHT NOW AND RIGHT HERE?!?! (Oh, I can relate, believe me!!!). See why: is it because you've got bored in the evening? Grab the phone and call your best friend instead.

For more ideas, feel free to contact me at, OK? Love and good luck! Stay Fit-Fit!

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