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Local school districts have 100-day count
Enrollment numbers will impact budgets

COTTONWOOD - The 100-day enrollment numbers show increases for Cottonwood-Oak Creek and Mingus Union High School districts. Clarkdale-Jerome District is down from the same period last year.

The enrollment numbers should improve budgets for COCSD and MUHS. Clarkdale-Jerome will take a hit.

Mingus Union Business Director Kirk Waddle said the state has not run a formal aggregation but the district's internal Average Daily Membership (ADM) at the 100th day shows a 2.6-percent increase.

Waddle said that gives the district an increase of 30 students over the ADM on which the district's budget was based for the current fiscal year.

"The dollar impact of this translates into an increase of $125,000 of budget capacity," Waddle said. "This will impact the current year budget in this amount and translate into the same increase for next year's budget."

Waddle explained that there will be some additional growth based on an increase in special education due to a mix of more severe disabilities.

"I have to wait until the state runs their aggregation before I quantify this increase," Waddle said. "I will be revising the budget within the next month's time."

David Snyder, director of business services for COCSD said the preliminary 100th ADM is 1,997.

"So it looks like we are up around 17 students," he said.

Snyder said the 100-day count is the basis for the district's funding next year.

"Since our funding is calculated using additional weighting for special education students, English language learners, and some K-3 weighting, I would not want to speculate on the impact on the Fiscal Year 2013-2014 budget until those amounts are established," Snyder said.

Clarkdale-Jerome Superintendent Kathleen Fleenor said her district's 100-day ADM was 429.93, which is down from last year's count of 446.37. She also pointed out that the district's special education weight is up this year from last year.

"With the adjustments our funding is down approximately 10.7 students," Fleenor said. "That calculates out to a loss of approximately $50,000."

She said that amount will have a negative impact on the district's budget for next year.

"We are hoping to be able to balance out the loss with retirements and some line item adjustments," she said.

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