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1932: CLEMENCEAU AIRPORT; Formal Opening Announced March 4.

"CLEMENCEAU AIRPORT TO STAGE MAMMOTH AIR MEET MARCH 19-20: Will Mark Formal Opening of Verde Valley Air Lines Airport."

"Amid the hums of the largest gathering of airplanes in the history of this district, the Verde Valley Air Lines airport at Clemenceau will sponsor a mammoth air meet on Saturday and Sunday, March 19 and 20, marking the formal opening of the field."

"At least fifteen Los Angeles planes are expected to attend the meet as well as others from Glendale and Burbank fields."

"In honor of the visiting pilots, a dance will be held in the Clark memorial clubhouse on Saturday night, March 19 and a golf tournament will be held at the Verde Valley Country club Sunday afternoon."

"The program for the air 'circus' will include six events. There will be races with cash prizes of $75 for first place, $50 for second place, and $25 for third place. There will be several exhibitions, including parachute jumping and stunt flying."

"It has not been definitely decided what type of races will be held, depending a great deal on the number of participants."

"The events are open to everyone, and for the information of those desiring to enter the meet, the management has announced that there will be no entrance fee charges and each participant will receive 30 gallons of gasoline free. Arrangements will be made to take care of the housing of all pilots free of charge. Entrees will, however, have to pay for their meals at restaurants. The prices are very reasonable."

"At a late hour this afternoon it was learned that the Standard Oil company of California plans on entering two planes in the events."

(Verde Copper News; Friday, March 4, 1932; page 1, column 2.)

"NOTED FLYER WILL TAKE PART IN CLEMENCEAU AIR MEET: Forty-Two Planes Signify Intentions to Enter."

"With Jack Lynch, noted pilot instructor and holder of the world's record for 'blind' flying, giving his death-defying stunt flying exhibition, and a total entry of 42 planes to date, the gigantic air meet, which will make the formal opening of the Verde Valley Air Lines airport at Clemenceau on March 19 and 20, promises to be the largest aviation event in the entire history of this territory."

"Pilots and crews of five Monocoupe planes from Phoenix and six from one field in Los Angeles, have been added to the long list of entries for the racing events."

(Verde Copper News; Friday, March 11, 1932; page 1, column 7.)

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