Sun, Feb. 16

Letter: Wishy-washy Republicans are dangerous


The recent actions and speech of some prominent Republicans causes me to shudder when I think about their potential influence on the voters and especially how they may confuse a lot of “conservative” voters. The three I believe to be the most prominent and the most dangerous to our National wellbeing at present are apparently trying to divide the Republican Party, which may very easily destroy the GOP from the inside.

The core of the GOP is “conservatism,” which includes: individual responsibility, individual liberty, government fiscal accountability, government social accountability and an almost dogmatic adherence to constitutional law. These “core principles” have been eroded badly especially since the mid 1930s with the compromises with the liberals and the influx of progressive Republicans into the party. The only conservative president we have had in the past eighty years was Ronald Reagan and for some reason (I believe it was clandestine threats) he ended up with a progressive (New World Order) George H.W. Bush as vice-president. Reagan was a conservative before he got shot, which seemed to take something away from him.

If Obama fails in his attempts to totally destroy the United States economy, the GOP is probably going to go through a dynamic transition or collapse; it is too divided to stand as it is, with Wishy-washy Weasels: Karl Rove, John McCain and Lindsey Graham on one side and we conservatives on the other side. The three aforementioned “Weasels” have done so much saying one thing and doing something else that it is difficult to distinguish them from “liberal Democrats” more specifically:

Karl Rove – has undermined conservative candidates in the 2010 Election and the 2012 Election and I’m convinced his efforts cost the GOP several state elections including helping Sen. Harry Reid win re-election in Nevada.

John McCain – sabotaged his own presidential election in several ways like minimizing the power he had gained at the RNC Convention by undermining Sarah Palin, who by the way had more actual “executive experience” than McCain, Obama or Biden; probably as much as all three of them put together and McCain and his staff would not let her speak her mind and no one in his group of supporters dared to mention Obama’s middle name “Hussein” because McCain thought that was a disparaging remark.

John McCain and Lindsey Graham – helped turn both Libya and Egypt hard against Israel by helping build a “Muslim extremist bastian” in each of them and then play the other side of the fence when things go the way that should have been easily predictable. I believe both of these senators are and have been “water boys for the Obama Dynasty” and their attacks on Rand Paul and on the Tea Party pretty well cinch that my beliefs are correct.

How many other RINO’s we have undermining the Republican Party name I do not know but in order for the GOP to stand as a viable political party we need to purge ourselves of factions Rockefeller Republicans, progressives, and moderates.

Leadership that is born of a man (male or female) that has and displays the courage of his own convictions is so rare today that I long to see and hear a 1980 Ronald Reagan and I see some of those attributes in the members of the modern day “Tea Party.”

Dale Gohr


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