Mon, June 24

Capital, shared services on Friday agendas for MUHS

MUHS Board President James Ledbetter

MUHS Board President James Ledbetter

COTTONWOOD - The Mingus Union High School District Governing Board will meet Friday night in a 6:30 work session and again at 7 in a regular meeting. Both meetings will be held in the school cafeteria.

The main agenda item for the work session will be on available capital.

Kirk Waddle, business director, will present a Capital Funding Formula, which will include levy funds as well as other unrestricted funds, such as forest service fees, cell tower lease proceeds and allocating less capital to maintenance and operation.

Dennis Chambers will make a presentation to the board on the district's bus inventory. Other capital needs will be discussed.

During the regular meeting, under the New Business agenda, a possible new joint meeting with Cottonwood-Oak Creek School District administration and school board will be considered. That additional joint meeting would be held regarding further parameters of joint services agreements.

Part of that discussion will be whether the board should set joint services goals or direct the administration to develop a strategic plan.

In two communications March 15, MUHS Board President James Ledbetter discussed pursuing further shared services between the districts with his board and with Jason Finger, president of the COCSD board.

Ledbetter is pushing to have joint meetings on shared services restricted to specific proposals from the districts' administrations regarding joint services the districts can make happen.

In his memorandum to the Mingus board, Ledbetter stated, "In the past, the boards have approached a "top-down" approach, directing the administration to bring together joint services that the boards identified."

That process, according to Ledbetter has resulted in one or two successes, which, for several reasons, have been too few.

Ledbetter wants both boards to come prepared to listen to their administrators about how best to create a process or plan for delivering joint services. He doesn't believe the boards should continue identifying a list of joint services that might work.

"...I feel we should have the administrators from each district develop a strategic plan for accomplishing shared services," Ledbetter stated.

The board will discuss proposed dates in April for another joint board meeting.

The board meets at 1801 E. Fir St. in Cottonwood.