Fri, July 19

1929: CLEMENCEAU; Airport Planned, May 14.

"VERDE FIELD IS TO BE NATIONAL AIRPORT OF CALL AND LARGEST FLYING FIELD IN STATE OF ARIZONA: Copper State Airway Company Takes Lease for Aviation School --- Trans-Continental Air Lines Will Make Scheduled Stops Here --- Construction Program Covers One Year."

"It was learned here late today that the Copper State Airways has taken a two-year lease on the property of the Verde airport, from Marcus Rawlins. According to officers of the Copper State Airways, it is to be made into the largest airport in Arizona. The Copper State Airways company will operate a school of aeronautics and will conduct a general commercial air business, it was said."

"Within one year the 'Verde Airport' will be a regular port of call for the Trans-continental Air Transport, of which Charles Lindberg is the head, the Western Air Express, now operating an air line between Los Angeles and Kansas City, the Copper State Airways and other air passenger and service lines. This was assured here today by Marcus E. Rawlins, chief mechanic for the Reese and Amster garage, who is heading a private enterprise for the purpose of constructing the Verde airport."

"One year will probably be required to complete the construction work on the Verde Airport, Rawlins said, but the landing field will be open with temporary accommodations by next Sunday."

"Ground to be occupied by the local airport lies west of Clemenceau. The field there is said to be ideally suited to airport requirements. The field will have a foundation of clay, surfaced with black slag. The black surface with white markings will be readily discernable from the air, Rawlins said."

"PORT DESIGNATED ON MAPS: The Verde airport has already been designated on the new air maps now in the hands of Rand McNally and other air map makers."

"The local port will be the lowest altitude landing field in the Rocky Mountain district, it was declared."

"A number of hangars and other necessary buildings and accommodations will be constructed and equipped during the year's building program, according to plans."

"Managers for the Copper State Airways, who were in Jerome yesterday, said that their regular passenger service between all points of northern Arizona would be started within one week, with the Verde airport designated as a regular port of call."

(Verde Copper News; Jerome; Tuesday, May 14, 1929; page 1.)