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1930: CAMP VERDE THRIVING: Salt Mine Increases Production; May.

"CAMP VERDE SALT MINES INCREASE WORKING FORCE: Three shifts are taxed to the utmost to take care of mounting demand."

"A dispatch received from Camp Verde last night stated that the Arizona Chemical company, operators of the sodium sulphate mine there, had increased their working force some 25 to 35 men and that further additions to the number of men employed might be expected."

"Increased demand for the product of the mine is taxing the present force to the utmost and the three shifts now working seem unable to keep up production."

"The Camp Verde property, the only anhydrous sodium sulphate mine in the United States, was taken over last January by the Arizona Chemical company. Though the mine has long been known and previously worked by several concerns, not until this year has this valuable property been worked to a high degree."

"During February and March of this year many tests were made in the milling of the ore and after careful consideration it was decided to rebuild and operate an old mill at the property. Later on, it is rumored, a new mill will be built."

"The product of the mine is used in the making of paper, glass, nickel and for tanning leather, and as the only known large deposits are in Germany, there is a wide and exceedingly large market in the United States."

(Verde Copper News; Jerome; Friday, May 9, 1930; page 1, column 1.)


"The Reliance company, who has the hauling contract for the Arizona Chemical company, operators of the Camp Verde Sodium Sulphate property, has announced that more trucks have been put on the run to take care of additional output of the mine."

"The daily output of the mine is now over 100 tons and with the increase of working force last week the officials report that production will now exceed that figure."

"The nearest loading point to the mine is Clarkdale and all ores from Camp Verde must be trucked there for shipment."

(Verde Copper News; Jerome; Tuesday, May 13, 1930; page 1, column 5.)


"Owing to the enlarged force which is employed at the Arizona Chemical company mine, Camp Verde is facing a shortage of houses for the first time in years."

"This little western town, which only a few short weeks ago was counted as one of the ghost towns of the west, is now overcrowded, and again assuming the aspect of its former self. Old adobe houses, which long ago served as barracks for federal soldiers stationed here, are being renovated and occupied for the first time in more than 40 years."

"Tents have spung up at various places about the town, and some have resorted to sleeping in the open."

"Even the Indian population has experienced an increase and a new Indian settlement, consisting of tepees, has sprung up near the mine. It is becoming a familiar sight to see an Indian squaw, her back loaded heavily with branches, searching for a convenient place to build a camp."

"The back seats of cars are furnishing protection for others, while those even less fortunate are resorting to commuting back and forth from neighboring towns."

"Business is reported to be the best in years, and once again Camp Verde is the thriving little town it once was, when thousands of cattle ranged the nearby hills."

(Verde Copper News; Jerome; Friday, May 16, 1930; page 1, columns 1, 2.)


"The officials of the Arizona Chemical company, operators of the sodium sulphate mine at Camp Verde, have announced that a total on 1000 tons of sodium sulphate concentrates were shipped during the week just ended."

"This is an all time record for shipments from that property and according to announcements that figure is to be maintained and increased as fast as additional forces and equipment can be put into operation."

"The product, which is used in the manufacture of paper, glass and many other materials, is not commercially mined in any other place in the United States, and the Arizona Chemical is finding a market so large that they are having difficulty in meeting the demand."

(Verde Copper News; Jerome; Friday, May 16, 1930; page 1, columns 6, 7.)

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