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1923: COTTONWOOD DUEL; R. L. Johnson Killed by H. G. Hall, May 12, Part 3.


"This morning Sheriff Ruffner left for Clemenceau with Harry Garrison Hall, charged with killing Robert Johnson in a pool hall ... on May 12, where Hall's preliminary hearing was held in the justice court before Judge Robinson."

"Hall was shot in the shoulder by Johnson and has been confined in the United Verde hospital in Jerome until Sunday, when he was brought to Prescott and lodged in the county jail to await the action of the county authorities."

"When Hall moved to Jerome from the east, he dropped the last name and was known as Harry Garrison, on account, it is said, of being implicated in a similar scrape."

(Prescott Evening Courier; Friday, May 25, 1923; page 1, column 4.)

"P. W. O'Sullivan and Joseph H. Morgan of the O'Sullivan and Morgan law firm, have gone to Cottonwood today to attend a preliminary hearing in the case of the state versus Harry Garrison Hall." (Prescott Evening Courier; Friday, May 25, 1923; page 3, column 5.)

"HALL TRIAL IS SET FOR JUNE 11: PLEA MADE. Trial of Cottonwood Man for Murder."

"Harry G. Hall yesterday pleaded not guilty to the murder of Robert Johnson and the trial was set by Judge Sweeney in criminal court for June 11. P. W. O'Sullivan and Joseph H. Morgan were announced as counsel for the defense. Robert McMurchie will prosecute the case as county attorney."

"The trial of Hall, who shot and killed Johnson in the latter's pool hall at Cottonwood three weeks ago, will share interest at the jury's session with that of Charles C. Norton, local attorney, who will be tried Monday for the murder of Garland Smith."

"The Hall case is expected to bring into the court room one of the largest crowds that has yet attended a criminal case, for it will evoke interest not only here but in the Verde valley, where the defendant and the deceased were well known. Moreover, there has been an undercurrent of speculation as to the manner in which the first murder trial would be conducted with Mr. McMurchie on one side and Messrs. O'Sullivan and Morgan on the other. All of the legal gentlemen are interesting when in action and while among them there have been meetings in civil hearings, they have not yet met on opposite sides of a criminal proceeding."

(Prescott Journal-Miner; Friday, June 1, 1923; page 2.)

"HALL SLAYING CASE IS OPEN: Cottonwood Man Charged with Murder."

"Harry Garrison Hall, sometimes called 'Harry Garrison,' today faced trial in the superior court of this county, before Judge John J. Sweeney, charged with the murder of Robert L. Johnson in Cottonwood May 12."

"Pale, still, from the loss of blood and his close call from death at the time of the double shooting, when a bullet from Johnson's revolver pierced one lung, the defendant sat with his wife while the county attorney questioned the prospective jurors; 20 who will decide whether or not Hall is to pay with his life or his freedom for the death of Johnson."

"The shooting occurred about 7 o'clock on the night of Saturday, May 12, after the two men had some words. Johnson, who was the proprietor of a pool hall in Cottonwood had fought with Hall, finally getting him down and holding him until Hall had promised to go home. Hall did leave, but went only to his garage, it is alleged, where he secured a revolver, returning with it to the pool hall. When he entered Johnson also picked up a gun." ...

"O'Sullivan and Morgan of this city and Judge H. M. Gibbes of Jerome represent the defendant."

(Prescott Evening Courier; Monday, June 11, 1923; page 1, column 6, and page 6, column 6.)

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