Sun, Aug. 18

1930: SEDONA; Movie Producers Lease Site, May.

"MOVIE PRODUCERS TAKE LONG LEASE ON SITE NEAR SEDONA: Plan large investment in permanent buildings."

"The Fox Film Corporation, one of the largest producers of the industry, has taken a ten year lease on government property near Sedona, and will erect permanent buildings to be used in filming various pictures to come, according to the Forest Supervisors office, of Coconino County, Flagstaff."

"Announcement had already been made in Flagstaff that the Fox films would spend some $50,000 in and around Flagstaff on permanent buildings, since the scenery on the rim and around Sedona form a perfect natural setting for western pictures."

"For the past two or three weeks a company of players headed by George O'Brien, star, Lillian Holmes, his lead, and Myrna Loy, featured player, have been busy filming scenes near Flagstaff and Foxboro ranch, and erecting a number of buildings on the location near Sedona. Several of the buildings will be used as permanent fixtures, while others are temporary, having been built only for the filming of this particular picture, 'The Last of the Duanes,' by Zane Gray."

"Some $20,000 have already been spent on these buildings, with more to come, as they intend to use this location each season."

"The spot now being used and on which the lease is being made is about two miles from the Sedona bridge, on the road leading to Page's ranch and is one of the most beautiful spots in Arizona."

"On Sunday last, all roads led to Oak Creek and the movie camp, despite the fact that intermittent showers fell all afternoon on the performers and the crowds of spectators alike. However, everybody in the District who had a car headed in that direction some time during the day, patiently following the microphones around from location to location, taking refuge during showers under trees and in the houses erected for use in the picture."

"Ernest Passel is directing this picture, and the party is accompanied also by Business Manager Duke Goux. A number of the players are housed in the buildings and tents at Sedona, but the majority of the outfit are staying at the Foxboro ranch on the rim. They expect to finish the filming of outdoor scenes on this particular picture the last of this week."

(Verde Copper News; Jerome; Tuesday, May 20, 1930; page 1, column 7.)

"The Fox Film Company, which has been the center of attraction for the past month, while filming 'The Last of the Duanes,' moved out on the 27th of May, leaving a caretaker at Hidden Valley." (Verde Copper News; Jerome; Tuesday, June 10, 1930; page 2, column 2.)